Jerry Springer on the Susan Boyle sensation
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Submitted By: Teesiel on June 03, 2009
About the Video: itn wrote: America's Got Talent host Jerry Springer on singing sensation Susan Boyle..
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delly commented on February 20, 2011
An ironic comment from a person whose shows have been about bringing out the ugliness in people. Susan has a beautiful heart and soul that shows in her beautiful voice. May God continue to bless her.
Marie Ursula commented on February 15, 2011
Interesting to watch this with a couple of years' worth of hindsight....
jtl commented on February 15, 2011
I agree! Susan has more beauty in her little finger than . . . any way. She has a beauty that we should all desire to have. . . . She is a great inspiratin. She needs to be surrounded by those that truly love her, and understand her, and know her. Not judge her, give her room to grow. No one is perfect. She is a human being, and a beautiful one at that.
fossilbarb commented on June 07, 2009
Nice words from a not-so-nice Jerry Springer Show.
Tara commented on June 07, 2009
I'm with Sabrina's post on this. I used to be proud as an actress & writer to say I was a 'journalist­' which I was for a time but ten years ago I decided that the decent profession (which it was once) was being thoroughly debased by the cult of celebrity and the complete lack of integrity that the so called journalists indulged in....and now as we witness the demise of print media they are getting more and more desperate to hold circulation and to that end ANYONE is fair game. Hello? What happened to honesty/integri­ty/decency and the desire to report the truth rather than to manufacture a 'sexy' (ugh) story??? Interesting how the Susan Boyle phenominen (sp?) is raising all sorts of issues that OUGHT to be raised and debated. Am all for that.
MyMarie commented on June 06, 2009
I agree! It is the reason I always go back and look at her audition video, not the semi-finals or finals. I must have viewed that video a 100 times, whenever I need my spirits lifted. The 100th time was like the first. As far as the media and those blaming the show for Susan's breakdown of sorts, they would be the same ones complaining if the show didn't let her preform. Claims that she was discriminated against would abound. If anything, my own personal opinion would be that when you are on this show, by contract, you wouldn't be allowed to preform on all the news and tv shows until the end of the competition. Susan was over exposed! By the time the semi finals took place, they were anti-climatic. For me the audition video will be the first thing that comes to my mind when I hear the name Susan Boyle
Cita commented on June 05, 2009
Well said!
valfae commented on June 05, 2009
She had humor. She stood on that stage and it seemed as though she was holding her heart in her hands. Gifting something so great and so mysterious. It caught me deep and hasnt let go. What she has is unpredictable and mesmerizing. I'm wearing out my laptop just listening and watching the first performance over and over. Its like filling up with a tall glass of joy. score 10
valfae commented on June 05, 2009
Dougie commented on June 05, 2009
He speaks with such wisdom, and about a distinguished woman who has changed attitudes across the globe!
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