"Holiday Greetings"
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wood dulcie
Submitted By: wood dulcie on December 24, 2009
About the Video: Happy holidays to Susan and her fans.

Enya ~ "We Wish You a Merry Christmas."
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Barb1963 commented on January 09, 2010
What a great tribute to Susan. Great Job.
NickyCurley commented on January 08, 2010
Dulcie, I cannot stop listening your video. I hope that we will have the opportunity to watch it until month of August. A marvellous choice of pictures, photos and colors.Score: 10
Pittipat commented on January 06, 2010
I received Susan's CD for Christmas, and my husband and I listen to it over and over. Susan truly has the voice of an angel, and I look forward to many more videos and CDs. Susan, you are wonderful!
injured dragon commented on January 01, 2010
score 10 i love this video happy new year to susan & family
margaret commented on December 31, 2009
Yes I loved this also !!thank you !!amazing and well put together !!xx
bluewren commented on December 31, 2009
Very nice may she be continued to be blest
Prophet commented on December 30, 2009
Prophet commented on December 30, 2009
Miss Susan could be one of the Best classical voices of this era .ya got my vote Miss Susan,you go Girl
ellennorman commented on December 30, 2009
Just wonderful!
NickyCurley commented on December 29, 2009
About this video, everything is terrific. First of all, the choice of the singer Enya. What a beautiful voice she has ; second the beautiful colours chosen and, finally the wonderful photos of our beloved Susan. As I said to you before, your are a great artist. It's not only a video but a masterpiece. Thank you very much and best wishes for the New Year.
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