Baltimore, MD, Greeting Susan
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Submitted By: gday on November 15, 2009
About the Video: Greeting video from Gail and Katherine to Susan Boyle. We love you Susan.
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hotpotpie commented on April 14, 2010
gday, that is so precious! I'm a dedicated SusaFan too! Nancy, Charlotte, NC, USA
Neets commented on February 20, 2010
Susan deserves all the best that life has ti offer.
tumbleweed commented on December 21, 2009
Isn't it great to join with other members wishing Susan well, and saying "Love You Susan" -- great stuff Baltimore, USA! Happy Christmas from Australia to you. Score 10.
PhyllisIA commented on December 08, 2009
Very sweet; loved seeing both of you and Baltimore. Score 10
Sandrausa commented on December 02, 2009
So touching, I think Susan has fans of all ages. Susan has a magical connection with so many people. It's fantastic!
jaja commented on December 01, 2009
Very cute! Thanks. Score:10
Dede72 commented on December 01, 2009
Score: 10
Dede72 commented on December 01, 2009
love this video gday!, I know Susan will too :)
Graysea commented on November 18, 2009
So sweet. Love this. Susan will love this. Score 10
Selimron commented on November 16, 2009
Since I'm originally from the Baltimore area, I recognized the Inner Harbor where this was made. Thanks for posting gday.
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