God Gave Me a Hint
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Submitted By: Mariela on June 06, 2009
About the Video: Poem To Susan.

This is my first video ever. I hope you enjoy it.
Susan this is for you from all the people that love you.
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wulff7 commented on April 27, 2011
fossilbarb commented on June 11, 2009
Love it all. The "instrumen­tal" background does not take away from the power of the video! Wonderful! Thank you Mariela!
tweek commented on June 08, 2009
Mariella, This is very well thoughout...and very well done from start to finish. For a first video ever, give you a Score 10. This was a beautiful tribute to Susan.
rn commented on June 08, 2009
This is a beautiful message and reminder to Susan of just who she is and who loves her.
Nancee commented on June 07, 2009
Mariela, is fantastic. Absolutely beautiful and perfect in every way. big 10!
Anna1432 commented on June 07, 2009
Score: 10
amysole commented on June 07, 2009
Mariela, I don't have anymore tissues, but keep writing please. Susan is a singer and she is very much loved Score:10
southernlady commented on June 07, 2009
Mariela, thank you for this video. Susan is such a blessing to all of us. God works in wonderous ways, doesn't he!!
kittycat commented on June 07, 2009
OMG that was beautiful!!! You had the right pictures and the write words, God was by your side. The emotions right now, is unexplainable. I hope Susan gets yours, Tommy's and the all of the fans who made video's of her journey to achieving her dream. Like Susan, would say, unbelievable, unbeleivable!! Thanks, Mariela for the nice comment that it was from you and all your fans. Would love to make one, but wouldn't know to do it. So I watch the insperational vidoes that are made from fans across the world. Thanks, Again!!!
joaniel commented on June 07, 2009
Mariela, Great Video!!! You have done her Proud, I loved all the pictures of family, & Susan's fur baby Pebbles. Yes, God is smiling through her & upon her, we all feel him. Keep going as you are with these videos you will catch up to "Tommy&quo­t;.Ha
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