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Submitted By: jaja on October 01, 2009
About the Video: She sing: I have fear about our love but you take my fear to own palm - arms.
Sorry the bad sound.
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margaret commented on October 08, 2009
WOW!!for all have followed Susan on her journey it tells it so far !!look how far you have come Susan ..!!and I think this is another lovely exsample of Love and following for Susan as she travel's the road to success...we will be with you all the way !!! Love and Good & Luck and Good health !!! xx
jaja commented on October 04, 2009
I thank for your comment and opinion. I have big respect and love for Susan. She be hero on soul and voice.
camisu11 commented on October 02, 2009
Well here is what I think. I think jaja that it is beautiful that other countries love Susan. I love to hear from you and your sweet expressions of Susan. Susan loves the world and the way those outside her own country "admire&qu­ot; her. Actually we admire love and adore her and thank you for making a video even though Americans/etc. may not get all the meaning it is so cool that Susan is loved/renowned. I do think we are tired of all the past and think it is time for Susan to be known for her voice and her loving heart and the past is gone. We do only have today, and I am very loyal to her. Why because she is an angel with an angel voice and I am very happy for her.
rf commented on October 02, 2009
Jajo, diky za vsechna videa, hlavni je, ze z nich vyzaruje laska k Susan, neni to soutez, ale fan a taky trochu fun site, tesim se na dalsi Verku a Susan :-)
lynnc commented on October 02, 2009
Since it begins and ends with pictures of Susan in church, I would think you are saying it is her strong faith that has brought her through everything so far.
Patricia's Art commented on October 02, 2009
@jaja ,I agree,its not a competition. But we are invited to give a rating.
jaja commented on October 02, 2009
Patricia I know you will be first. Well, but Tommy and the other be better author for video - sorry but this not be competition but FAN site for Susan!!!
jaja commented on October 02, 2009
Tommy thanks for your comment. You be the hero for Susan and I have big respect for you.
mystslaw commented on October 02, 2009
Can't understand the words, but the pics are great! Thanks!
Patricia's Art commented on October 02, 2009
I agree with John1234 and Margie123 . I'm celebrating the future :)
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