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Submitted By: TommyUSA on June 07, 2009

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Misti in Seattle commented on August 11, 2009
Beautiful video! I avoid "comparing­" them one against the other as I don't think either woman would like it. :) But I really appreciate Elaine and the way she is "taking Susan under her wing" a bit and encouraging her in her new career! I agree with what Elaine said that there is a similar timbre in their voices and I can't wait for them to sing a duet!
squeaky_bird commented on June 15, 2009
I love them both. They will do a beautiful duet. I really admire Elaine Paige and am so happy that she wants to sing with Susan.
Lisabeth2 commented on June 15, 2009
Thanks again TommyUSA for sharing ! I think Susans voice is deeper and fuller in a way (hard to explain in english) and of course I'd vote for her :D
One Voice commented on June 10, 2009
Susan's Memories version come back to haunt you long after the song is over. But it would have been way better if her natural tone as evidenced in audition I Dream A Dream and Cry Me A River had not been altered. Susan has that voice quality that surpasses above what we have known professionally. She is really in a class all her own. I would like nothing better than hear her sing "Titanic&q­uot; and "I Will Forever Love You"
Kathy commented on June 09, 2009
What a nice video of both of them. I agree with the millions of people who have stated that Susan touches our heart with her songs. I also feel that Susan sings from her heart and gives us her "gift"­; with a sweet, refreshing soul. Judy Garland had that same affect on her audience. It was a mutual love relationship. I hope Susan does surround herself with caring, unselfish people who truely love her and not just what her talent can do for them. Susan know that you are beautiful in ways that feed an audiences soul. So much more important. God Bless your path.
Glasgowlad commented on June 09, 2009
both Elaine and Susan were Fantastic. Susan touches the heart and soul when singing. Elaine should record a record with Susan before it's too late. This recording would sell millions in the UK and the US. Elaine, don't pass on this great opportunity. You are BOTH smashing artists! CHEERS
Glasgowlad commented on June 09, 2009
Amazone commented on June 09, 2009
Elaine use more tricks she learned from the shows and years of singing. Susan is pure and her voice is so clear......With Susan you can feel what is happening .....happy scared nerves emotional. Al this is in her voice and she sends it to the listener. Perhaps there are singers who have even better voice's but still they don't touch what Susan is touching......t­he heart and the soul. What you see from Elaine is beauty and perfection but it doesn't come further then they eyes. And again a great vid!. 11+!
shipinfo commented on June 09, 2009
borwin98 commented on June 08, 2009
Elaine is good, Susan is wonderful.
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