Can I Shake Your Hand
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Submitted By: johnnycake on May 24, 2009
About the Video: WAMcKinley pointed out some excellent single frames of Susan from Saturday night's selection of the 40 semifinalists. They are some beautiful shots of Susan's vibrant and endearing personality, so here's something to help us remember the way she was when she said, "Can I shake your hand, Simon?"
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squeaky_bird commented on June 17, 2009
I love that little jig that she does. Great photos!
camisu11 commented on June 08, 2009
Susan is always extremely beautiful when she smiles. I love the way she came down the stairs and there she was all of a sudden and she looked so classic. Her break thru smile of happiness is priceless and she is so strikingly beautiful when she smiles. Beauty goes so deep with Susan.
camisu11 commented on June 08, 2009
camisu11 commented on June 08, 2009
she looks 15 yrs younger and always so pretty when she smiles because her heart is right there.
camisu11 commented on June 03, 2009
quadtruple 10! the best!
camisu11 commented on June 03, 2009
I love this video, it shows my favorite smiles of Susan and reminds me of the joy she received.
ammo commented on May 25, 2009
Super photos. A couple I hadn't seen before. Thanks for the posting. I just lap everything up I can get my eyes and ears on about Susan. Looking forward to seeing and hearing much more in the future as I am sure we ALL are.
Vulcangirl commented on May 25, 2009
Pictures are great, but you can hardly hear Susan sing. Would have been alot better if she was louder.
johnnycake commented on May 24, 2009
I'm very happy that my simple effort has pleased you. I was pretty sure I knew the shots you meant, WAMcKinley; I think we were all moved by those glimpses of her face. I am very happy to have those stills as I know you all are, and of course credit must go to those who posted the video in the first place. LEM, I crashed some equipment a while back and so I'm limping along without reinstalling any fancy graphics programs. I basically just grabbed screen shots.
bluewren commented on May 24, 2009
yes really lovely pictures of her. Love them good job.
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