CNN-Susan Boyle Finishes 2nd!
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Submitted By: Anonymous on May 31, 2009
About the Video: randomvideosaccount wrote: cnn susan boyle finishes 2nd. 5-30-09
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RachelBrite commented on June 01, 2009
Susan should have won without a doubt. But i'm sure she will have her chance to sing for the Queen. I wish she would come sing in America. Wish I could give her a great big hug. Hope you are ok with this Susan. Obviously they chose the wrong winner.
Marti.Ramsey commented on May 31, 2009
Watch closely...ten years from now you will not remember the whoever-they-were's from whereever that appeared on the same stage with world famous millionaire-singer-performer Susan Boyle, who probably twenty years fromm now will be DAME Susan Boyle. I said it first! I am Marti Ramsey.
Brooklyn commented on May 31, 2009
As a Brit...I feel totally let down by the British Gutter Press, who did a number on our dear Susan in the weeks running up to the final. Don't worry folks - you know what they say Cream Always rises to the top & so shall 'Our Sue' I hope she goes to America - where they have taken her to their hearts & admire success. For some jealous reason over here in Britain - they seem to hate to see someone get on. Shame on us. I bet our Queen would far rather see Susan sing at the Royal Variety Concert - than see a bunch of out-of-work dancers leaping about in old Firemans suits!
JennyZ commented on May 31, 2009
Vote: http://www.msnb­­17901/
nursejennie_bsn commented on May 31, 2009
As we teach our children, all things will work out in the end. Maybe Susan didn't win 100,000 pounds or an opportunity to sing before the Queen, but she will receive much much more than that after her 1st album and I'm sure she'll receive her invite to entertain the Queen at a later date. And best of all...Susan dreamed her dream and it did come true! She did not win a talent contest, but she did sing before a large audience, she will sing professionally, she will be as popular and demanded as Elaine Paige, she has already won the hearts of the international world. Who could ask for anything more?! God is good and He is good all the time! Thank you Susan and thank you God for Susan! With God, Susan touched millions of lives, allowing opportunity for good to push evil aside!
JustBeing commented on May 31, 2009
Susan is precious and should be treated with respect....sham­­e on the Brits and media treating her like they did! Piers & Simon should have protected her from that mess....and she needs TRUSTED and HONORABLE friends or family to help her with financial things and put HER interests #1 and NO ONE should take advantage of her!! SUSAN IS THE WINNER.....who cares about a stupid dance
Fire Djinn commented on May 31, 2009
I like the way CNN reports the News probably why they are a NEWS leader in the US, it's a more positive spin on the news, not trying to get ratings, but reporting the news. Unlike some other networks, who show rubbish such as, Red Eye.