C4 News - Susan Boyle's brother and Linda Papadopoulos (01.06.09)
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Submitted By: Anonymous on June 02, 2009
About the Video: TopTellyFan wrote: Has Susan Boyle lost the plot? Her brother speaks, as does the most gorgeous psychologist in the land. My recording stopped before they all said their goodbyes, but at the point Jon Snow stopped the brother, that was the end of the interview, so you've missed nothing of importance. (C) Channel 4 2009
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ssnfans commented on June 07, 2009
oh,i cannot watch this video , because the internet of tongshan isnot smooth ,i feel a little shame
RAH commented on June 03, 2009
Susan, I think you are fabulous. I look forward to hearing your beautiful voice daily. Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent. I look forward to your coming to the USA. Ruthann
ogieGB commented on June 03, 2009
a get well card to MISS SUSAN BOYLE , CARE OF . THE PRIORY HOSPITAL , LONDON, ENGLAND. could do everything to cheer her up , and show her we care
Thea8 commented on June 03, 2009
Good answers! Her brother is a very nice man, and charming! But he's right, he knows Susan the best.
ammo commented on June 03, 2009
Sorry - I meant to say - go home immediately WITHOUT professional help......
ammo commented on June 03, 2009
Great interview. I loved what her brother said. If anyone has ever felt real homesickness (I immigrated to Canada from England in 1982).. it is a horrible sick feeling. By the way....the - shrinks - as someone called them.....will be very well versed with Susan's­d I believe it would be very irresponible for anyone to suggest than Susan go home immediately with professional help. They know their jobs. I've benefitted well, as have many of my friends (some whom I met at programme early this year - and we keep in touch because we all undersand each other). Wish I could chat with Susan. Of course we all want to hear her sing again but only when she is truly ready.
Serafim commented on June 03, 2009
I was deeply moved by your kind words regarding my comments, Mlle. MickAmok, and yet you have done so much more than i have for our beloved Miss Susan Boyle in sharing her voice with many family members and friends. It is your actions that she and her loved ones should learn of, not my words. However, you have inspired me profoundly, and I am sending the beauty of her voice to all my family members and friends now, as well. I am truly grateful to your kindness toward my comments, although i do not deserve it.
Serafim commented on June 03, 2009
O, yes, Dear God, Miss Boyle, many, many, many millions of people in countless nations want to hear you sing for decades to come. Whenever I think of you, I think of the "nightinga­le who made the Emperor weep."
arkengareth commented on June 03, 2009
Some one tell Susan that yes, we do want to hear her sing. If you listen to all of the imbiciles who find something wrong in anything that doesn't have anything to do with them, personally, then you will be paralized. I have enough money to buy your new album the minute it comes out, and intend to buy one for me, and for Christmas presents, and birthday presents and...
bigiron commented on June 03, 2009
Finally a voice of reason, Susan's family will be there to help. I'm glad to hear what her brother had to say.
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