Body Poppin' Susan by TommyUSA
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Submitted By: TommyUSA on September 27, 2009
About the Video: Body Poppin' Susan by TommyUSA

A SusaCelebration!!

''body poppin' Susan'' animation
and ''SusaWiggle'' animations
created by TommyUSA

Music: ''Rinky Dink'' by
Dave ''Baby'' Cortez

Hope you enjoy!! :)


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Helen of Asia commented on October 03, 2009
JJ :) commented on October 02, 2009
As usual, U R AWESOME Tommy !!!!!! Love ya - JJ :)
ammo commented on September 30, 2009
Thanks for making me smile this morning Tommy. This is so cute. Good work. I bet you Susan would just 'love' to see this one.
lovinsusan commented on September 29, 2009
lol Thanks Tommy 10 plus
bunnyohare1 commented on September 29, 2009
Had to come back and watch this again. What a hoot! Susan is such a good sport and must be a blast to hang around with! Gets funnier every time I watch it! LOL
ChrisinPA commented on September 29, 2009
score 10 plus 10!!! Yes, we had poppin party last evening on Tommy's Amazing site and the beads were going everywhere, lol
gmasandi commented on September 29, 2009
What a fun video. I never noticed the USA in Susan's name before.
smile commented on September 29, 2009
Thank you Tommy! This was hilarious! Love it, Susan is so wonderful, such rhythm! she is marvellous..... I cracked up when I saw the kitten with the head phones! Hope she does too. Susan is so versatile, can't help loving her. A real treasure. Come back to the USA soon Susan......
prayingmom commented on September 29, 2009
Absolutely adorable !!! Have so enjoyed Susan's fansite all along and just last week officially joined the great crowd of Susan fans. Tommy all of your clips have been just super !!! Score: 10
camisu11 commented on September 28, 2009
We had a body poppin party on Amazing and the beads were flyin and everyone was following Susan around the room until we dropped!!! Thank you Tommy.
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