BBC Radio - Elaine Paige On Sunday
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Submitted By: TommyUSA on January 31, 2010
About the Video: BBC Radio Elaine Paige's clarification of the what the Daily Mail tabloid printed about her opinion of Susan.
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bluewren commented on February 03, 2010
bluewren commented on February 03, 2010
I have posted elsewhere on the Internet my sentiments in support of Elaine Paige and am pleased to hear her own words coming out verifying that which I beleived to be the truth.Contovery sells news papers.But they really do go too far expoiting the freedom of the press for their own ends.Would it make sense for a Star like Elaine Paige to put down some one like Susan Boyle who renewed her fame by wanting to be just like her and put her on the world wide entertainment map into the bargain with all that lovely free publicity.Love you Elaine Paige you are a real classy English Lady.
soniam commented on February 03, 2010
wygląd nie zawsze jest wskaźnikiem talentu Ona zmieniła całą ideę Show powiedział: "Myślę, że z Susan Boyle trzeba zdać sobie sprawę to nigdy nie powtórzy się w historii po raz kolejny - nie na następne 20 lat i tak. Komisarz dodała: "Ludzie już wiedzą, że nie chodzi tylko o wygraną 100.000 zł i jest na Royal Variety show, it's about potencjalnie działać globalnie. Ona zmieniła całą ideę Show". http://www.dail­­osts/ view/155771/Ama­nda-Holden-Britain-s- Got-Talent-will-never-be-as-good-aft er-Susan-Boyle Opening Gina Hemmings health and beauty shop in Kew, west London today, Holden, 38, told "I think with Susan Boyle you have to realise it will never be repeated in history again - not for the next 20 years anyway.
MrIscan commented on February 03, 2010
Thanks Earthquake.....­.sounds like a good explanation !
earthquake57 commented on February 03, 2010
Mrlscan, I understand Elaine completely. Why should Ms. Paige be proud of accomplishments that belong to Susan? As she says, she supports and admires Susan, but the person who should be proud of Susan's success is Susan herself.
MrIscan commented on February 03, 2010
I still wonder why when EP was asked if she is proud of Susan she replied with something like 'No but I'm sure Susan is proud ' ?????
llorente commented on February 02, 2010
I saw you sing with Susan. The mutual admiration and respect for each other was there for everybody to see. You're both classy ladies and I admire and adore both of you. Hope to hear you sing together again someday.
goosebumps commented on February 02, 2010
I was so glad to hear this clarified by Elaine. It seems the tabloids want to smear Susan and her success with every chance they get. Personally I can't get enough of this lady with the golden voice.
susaphone commented on February 02, 2010
apology accepted. Now, let's move on.Score 10
SWEET TEA commented on February 02, 2010
The tabloids can be so trashy. I admire Elaine Paige very much and I'm glad she set the record straight about her "so called comments" about Susan. What a lady you are Elaine. Susan admires you too and her fans are grateful that you stopped the low lifes who printed such trash. I think you are an awesome singer too.
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