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Submitted By: janeway73 on April 12, 2010
About the Video: screencaps of LauraJ210, this is my tribute to the 1-year anniversary of the audition in Glasgow. I'm looking forward to many more remarkable years like this one with Susan, you go girl!
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Chuck007 commented on June 26, 2010
The start of a great career !!!!!!
Sugar Puddin commented on June 15, 2010
Elayne, I will pray for you to have some agape love and to judge not. I love Susan thorns and all and I do not judge her. I suggest you do the same.
Sugar Puddin commented on May 24, 2010
Love it and the comments are great.
Gozzy commented on May 05, 2010
Thanks for the wonderful take of Susan's life this past year,especially the words for her comments, which always make me wonder what Susan was saying. May the blessings continue on the next leg of her incredible journey.
soniam commented on April 28, 2010
Magic. Extra. Score: 10++++++
arazmataza43 commented on April 21, 2010
none better magic greatness in the milieu of unprecedented mediocity
Talent commented on April 20, 2010
This video is excellent. This verison is my favorite of the song. I'd love to see Susan do it this way again. I so enjoy hearing what Susan is doing and listening to her with that great smile and humor.
husker2 commented on April 16, 2010
Let's see.. Three stocking stuffer's and no complaints .. That was Christmas. I guess Susan was a hit! Hopefully she'll put out a *Tis the Season* album this year.
katzschen commented on April 16, 2010
Susan, I just love your voice. I know you've been singing for a while now, but I've just discovered you :) and now I have to buy your CD as I'm totally addicted to your voice!!! You're the greatest woman I have ever seen in TV, I wish I knew you personally 'cause you seem such a wonderful person. And I'm grateful the show let us all know this side of you :) Keep singing and remember there are people in the whole world who support you. Greetings from Poland :)
ishkamarie commented on April 15, 2010
It is difficult for me to hear this song and think back a year. so much in my life has changed this past year because of susan. she has changed my whole life and everything i have done inthe past year. the courage she has given me can not be measured. i remember watching every night her progress on the tour and not sleeping and crying the whole week she was in prioy wondering if she would be okay. now a year later to see her progress is wonderful. i have changed right along with her. i am sure there are others also who have been changed by her life. if you can read this i want to thank you for everything and my hope before i pass away to meet you. i don.t know how but i pray the lord will grant me that one last wish. keep going girl and god bless.
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