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Submitted By: jaja on November 06, 2009
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rose commented on November 10, 2009
boy i have been missing all these scripts beautiful pictures of our lady susan and almost missing her from dancing w/ the stars tonight how wonderful to see her again in america
jaja commented on November 08, 2009
Hallo everyone, I thank very much for your nice comment.
NickyCurley commented on November 08, 2009
My comment about how Susan Boyle has touched me and changed my life. Susan représente, pour moi, l'être humain dans ce qu'il a de plus beau. Sa détermination, son courage, sa force, sa grandeur d'âme sont de constants exemples pour moi.Depuis son audition à BGT, elle a mis du bonheur dans ma vie et dans mon coeur. De plus, elle m'a aidée à traverser le deuil de ma jeune soeur. Susan m'a rendue une personne meilleure. Je lui voue une admiration sans bornes. Merci mille fois Susan. Nicole
Selimron commented on November 08, 2009
jaja- Thanks for posting this. Such an upbeat song for Lady Susan. Love the Photos.
lore commented on November 07, 2009
This is so GREAT Susan Boyle is coming back to the US.. she will be on Dancing with the Stars Tuesday Nov. 10/09 Tell EVERYONE!!
pomsarepeople commented on November 07, 2009
Very nice video! Thanks!
Maria commented on November 07, 2009
Your fan from Brasil. You're amazing. Keep it up Girl. You're the world.
whiskers commented on November 07, 2009
Thanks for this video, loved it. Score 10
Linda Sharon commented on November 07, 2009
Oh boy that's a keeper - put that on my favourites list in case it gets buried in the videos. Whose been hiding all those great pics of our girl? It was like a rock star at the airport. A long way from her livingroom in Blackburn when the kids threw rocks at her house. Or as the cigarette commercial of the 60's used to say, "You'v­e come a long way baby..." In this age of videos, internet, digital cameras you can feel like you were there. Wonderful. All such happy shots of her. Loved it loved it.
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