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Submitted By: 281165 on May 02, 2009
About the Video: Was uploaded here before, but deleted. I downloaded it again from Youtube with Mozilla and Downloadhelper. Bette Midler disappoints me totally.
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Wild Ol' Dan commented on May 03, 2009
Howdy Pards, Well, that ain't Bette Midler on the view, it's a very liberal and opinionated woman named Joy. She is supposed to be a comedian. Here she just doesn't get it...Whoopi seems to understand fully...but this whole show is so far removed from reality seems like whoever can dominate the conversation gets her way. So, Joy has become a master at dominating conversations..­. Whoopi just wasn't going to let her get away with it on this one. This show is kinda like watching an ultra liberal version of big time professional wrestling some times. There is very little balance to it...but, just like professional wrestling the show is "fixed&quo­t; this case so that the dominating liberal voice wins! It is female political wrestling and little more. And I want to apologize to any professional wrestlers out there...I did not mean to insult wrestling by comparing it to "The View". The fact that they cut up that clip so badly is really annoying. And Barbara interupting Whoopi is really annoying. And Joy's comments are almost always really annoying. So...although I have watched this show a very few times...I sure don't make a habit of it. A bunch of women sittin' around a table arguing with each other and doing their best to out yell the other is not my idea of entertainment or news or anything positive or worthwhile. At least in this video four out of the five of them admitted to crying when they saw the clip. Joy on the other hand was so shallow, so cynical, that all she saw was the need for a make over...some hearts are just so stone cold that they can not feel anything that warms the hearts of others...even if it's over a hundred million others throughout the world. Whoopi seemed to understand fully the real story of this amazing experience...I kinda wish she would have had this segment all to herself...her view was the only one that made any sense at all. Adios for now. Talk to ya on down the trail. Wild Ol' Dan
YourAwesome commented on May 03, 2009
People that judge only on the outer appearance to me have ugly souls! Susan is beautiful and talented!! What ever happen to love and compassion? Patriciasart- you are is also RUDE! Susan is a STAR, and she will shine brighter than any of the ugly souls. Goooooooooo Susan!! Your fan club is growing daily!! On one site alone you have over 16,000 fans!!!
Patricia's Art commented on May 03, 2009
I think the laugh was because of her swinging her hips. Not her appearance. I thought she was cute from the start. I watch a lot of british tv, I'm a big fan of "As time goes by" ," Yes,Prime Minister" , "To the Manor Born",&quo­t;Keeping up appearances&quo­t;,"Monarch of the Glenn" ,"The Irish R.M. and the list goes on. These people in the U.K. are rich in character. I think Americans are to hung up on appearances. When you get to know a person and they have an inner beauty you see them differently,Sus­an is beautiful from the inside out. When she speaks and you see her personality you can't help but like her. Some comments on this clip were very shallow. Susan's appearance should never have come up for discussion. Its a sad comentary on the state of the human race.I mean would you walk down the street and stop the average person and ask them if they are planning to get a makeover. That would be considered RUDE! Poor Susan ,all this talk is horrible.