A few special pics
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Submitted By: judy.schumacher on June 01, 2010
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jesusgal commented on June 10, 2010
I have always prayed to see & hear an angel., then you came along susan, & my prayers were answered. thank you
tumbleweed commented on June 06, 2010
Great music to accompany your choice of Susan doing her 'thing' when out and about. She's just'great&­#39; isn't she! Score 10.
marigolduk commented on June 05, 2010
Marie Ursula commented on June 04, 2010
So many favorite familiar photos! Thanks for putting them together in this way.
sunny skies commented on June 03, 2010
Pictures were just a little fuzzy, but very nice.
Gozzy commented on June 01, 2010
Maybe it's my computer but pics were so fuzzy I couldn't make any out clearly.
123sjakie154 commented on June 01, 2010
great pictures greetings jacqueline