♥ Susan's Songs ♥ by TommyUSA
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Submitted By: TommyUSA on October 09, 2009
About the Video: ♥ Susan's Songs ♥ by TommyUSA

This video contains Susan's songs
in order:

Cry Me A River - Recorded in 1994

Killing Me Softly - Recorded in 1994

I Dreamed A Dream - BGT Audition April 2009

Memory - BGT Semi-final 2009

I Dreamed A Dream - BGT Final 2009

Wild Horses - from her debut album to be released
November 2009



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carpediem commented on November 08, 2009
Greetings from Denmark, TommyUSA for this beautiful work. I miss your Elvis song message for Susan (you stay beside your car) I cant find it anymore. I like all your video and audio ! Score: 10
linda g commented on November 08, 2009
i love this lady. she is on classy lady. i cry when i listen to her songs. never knew someone could sing like that. you go susan gb and tc. a fan always linda
Caro commented on November 08, 2009
She just sends chills up my spine everytime I hear her sing. I just cry and cry. She is incredible and I am so very proud of her.. Go, Susan. You deserve the best and more.
clams commented on November 05, 2009
Tommy, I want you to know that I play this video everyday more than once since the day you post it up. I enjoy listening to it while I work. Thanks again for your love and work to this fansite. Blessings to you.
Jbright9 commented on November 01, 2009
It is such a pleasure listening to Susan sing.
lsecor commented on October 26, 2009
What a beautiful voice!!!!!
TeresaB commented on October 23, 2009
Anja edens commented on October 22, 2009
Well Tommy I have just done all my ironing thanks to you, if it was not for this wonderful video I would have put it of for anouther week lol.
jaja commented on October 20, 2009
67 voice be TOP!
jaja commented on October 20, 2009
Why be remove this video from last new videos? I love it! Thanks Tommy. Score:10
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