BGT Tour 2009
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As the MC said, "Bournemouth go crazy - for the One and Only Susan Boyle". Original footage of Me...
Posted 2009-08-07
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Matinee Performance
Posted 2009-07-04
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Original footage of Memory and first part of Dream. Recording of Dream continues as audio only (a...
Posted 2009-08-07
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boogiemonster42 wrote: A nervy performance but Susan wows the crowds in Belfast,
Posted 2009-07-05
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Posted 2009-07-02
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I think shes just so amazing was so glad getting to see her live her singing just left me literal...
Posted 2009-07-06
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Susan Boyle O2 Dublin... Found this one on You Tube... better sound but not much of a picture...
Posted 2009-06-30
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Andrew Burch writes: Susan Boyle performs Memories and I dreamed a dream at London's Hammersmith ...
Posted 2015-03-23
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renatinhacsc wrote: Bournemouth Show.

Posted 2009-06-30
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