SuperSkouspel, South Africa 2015
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Go to 3:40 to hear about Susan. PJ Powers speaks in English, Nadine speaks in Africaans. The tr...
Posted 2015-10-01
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Audience member video: Blaauw220 wrote: You Raise me Up. Thank you!

Posted 2015-10-04
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Audience member video: Facebook page of Marcel Du Toit, thank you!
Posted 2015-10-01
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NorCalKay wrote: "Super Skouspel 2015," was a special one-day combined Afrikaans music concert th...
Posted 2015-09-22
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Lloyd Loots â?%8F@Lloydi_Boy Sep 19
@NadineNet on stage with @SusanBoyleHQ at @SuperSkouspel to...
Posted 2015-09-21
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HuisgenootTV wrote: Vanjaar trek die immergewilde Skouspel 'n nuwe baadjie aan: SuperSkouspel in ...
Posted 2015-08-03
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Canadian Bill's poster of the event
Posted 2015-09-20
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Conrad Schwellnus, of Sony Music, tweeted "Congratulations Susan Boyle - Multi-Platinum award fro...
Posted 2015-10-01
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Susan with PJ Powers
Posted 2015-09-20
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