Catching the Dream

Joyce W. Leo (Sunandroses) and Nathalie Roy (HAPPY) , and 12 other poets, all members of, have published Catching the Dream, a book of poems inspired by and dedicated to Susan Boyle.

The collection of 211 poems was born of the serendipitous meeting of poet Susafans from all over the world. It explores and celebrates our favorite singer’s unprecedented journey from struggling artist to superstar.

The book is a tribute to Susan who inspired the poets to listen to their inner song and follow the Dream.

It all started with a game of keeping the “Last Word” which gradually evolved into poetic jousts. The poets then moved into their own “Golden Girls’ Poetry for Susan” thread where they started experimenting with new forms as they shared thoughts and feelings awakened by Susan’s song. Their common poetic adventure eventually blossomed into a shared quest for truth and beauty. Amazed at the variety and sincerity of the posts, they decided to make a book of them to be offered to Susan as a gift from her fans.

Sunandroses and HAPPY, who were in charge of the project, needed no less than 15 months to gather poems from the GG and other poetry threads, read more than 1300 posts, go through several selection rounds (some poets had posted up to 300 poems which were reduced to 70), edit the poems, re-arrange them into a meaningful, symphonic ensemble, create the cover, and re-read the final text umpteen times.

But they are positive not a single hour spent on this project was wasted. It was a joyous and rewarding experience in every way and it enabled them all to become friends. The poets wrote from their hearts, trying to reflect the beauty they heard in Susan’s song. Willing to share their joy with other fans, they also dream their poems will help non-fans understand what makes Susan’s impact unique in today’s music industry. They hope this collection will delight, amuse, inspire, and console readers as they join them on this journey from the first shock of Susan’s audition song to a spiritual progression into the light of love.

A hardcover copy of the book autographed by the two editors was presented to Susan Boyle by Joyce Leo at the August 20th meeting in New York, as shown in the documentary, “An Unlikely Superstar.”

Catching the Dream has been the subject of press articles and several public readings have been held since its publication. The book is currently available at our SuBo Store

Joyce W. Leo and Nathalie Roy