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Exclusive: Susan Boyle's first ever song release revealed
Posted by SBFII Admin on April 16, 2009

THE Daily Record has uncovered the only CD ever made by singing sensation Susan Boyle.

Susan made her first and only recording back in 1999, when she sang blues ballad 'Cry Me A River' for a charity CD, only 1000 copies of the disc were ever produced.

Listen to her singing 'Cry Me A River' in the video below! 


Posted by Eliska on April 16, 2009
Fabulous! Please release this on a cd soon!
Posted by Ciocci on April 16, 2009
Is that really Susan?'s GORGEOUS!! sad to think she could've been recording for years and made a fortune and fulfilled her dreams all at the same time and not to mention..bring people such joy to listen to her..what a lesson for us all to "seize the moment"..I hope she gets great satisfaction and pleasure from pursuing her career GO Susan!..her Mother would be so proud!
Posted by Mickey1069 on April 16, 2009
Ms. Boyle: On your interview you mentioned wanting to be like Elaine Page. My dear, she has nothing on you. Your voice is the second most clear and perfect voice I have ever heard. (first being Betty Buckly) I could listen you to every day for the rest of my life. I will be watching for your CD and you are unconditionally amazing.
Posted by MISSBRITTANYANN on April 16, 2009
Miss Boyle, you are an inspiration to me. I cried when I saw your performance on Britain's Got Talent. I am a 17 year old girl from Jennings, Louisiana. You are like a celebrity here:) You inspire me and all of my friends to relentlessly chase our dreams. You are amazing... Simply said. Show stopping, jaw - dropping amazing:) We are praying for you 100% Thank you so much:) - Brittany
Posted by snoopyny on April 16, 2009
wow Susan, I felt like I heard an angel singing!
You are not only blessed with a beautiful voice but also with a superb personality. I loved every single second of your performance.
I wish you all the best!
Posted by MomK on April 16, 2009
You are a lady who's time has come. My gosh are you good!
Posted by MCPiancastelli on April 16, 2009
I can't believe it! It's even better than I Dreamed a Dream! Where has this woman been all our lives?
Posted by sodbuster on April 16, 2009
I am old enough to have heard and appreciated Julie London -- You are better. I have heard "Cry Me A River" before, but never with as much feeling as you have given it.
Posted by Jenny on April 16, 2009
Hello from Canada!

Just heard of Susan Boyle today, watched the youtube video and I am AMAZED!! I hope a CD comes out quick, I will buy it in a snap!

What an inspiration!
Posted by magicjag on April 16, 2009
Elaine Page,Julie Andrews,move over you are wonderfull.I hope you make a ca'zillion are worth every penny.It's going to be fun watching you chase your dream.I'm looking forword to it.god love ya!
Posted by SueBoston on April 16, 2009

Susan, you're real, extremely talented, and I love that 'cheeky' personality.

I don't know if you realize it, but your BGT performance has grown men crying!

Bring on the dream :).
Posted by Nan on April 16, 2009
My God, this recording of "Cry Me A River" is amazing, it just gets better and better. Cut that women a record deal and put me on the list to buy. You go Susan, God Bless.
Posted by peacenpassion on April 16, 2009
AWESOME! Can't wait to buy her CD. Does anyone know when she will be back on the Britain Talent show?
Posted by leesa321 on April 16, 2009
Susan Boyle, what can we say beautiful, steadfast an absolute prodigy , you will make a differance to this country and I am sure many more. I wish you all the best you have made my socks blow off you are addictive, give us more. Play it your way Susan x.
Posted by Denise B. on April 16, 2009
Ms. Boyle, just wanted to tell you how I loved your performance! You brought me to tears! Your voice is the most beautiful I've heard! Please, please put out a CD! Don't forget us fans here in the U.S.!!! You're wonderful!
Posted by JellyBean on April 16, 2009
God sent us an angel. Susan Boyle is her name.
Posted by sodbuster on April 16, 2009
I am from Atlanta, Ga, USA - above all else, please do not let the world and all this media attention change who YOU are - it is the best part of the magic that you have brought to the rest of us -- Your performance is (in Piers' words) stunning, and part of it is who you are. Please don't let anyone take that away from you. My favorite part of that performance is when you hear Simon tell you that you have three "yesses" and you do what we yanks would call a victory dance -- it says much about who you are -- don't let'em change you !!
Posted by justafan on April 16, 2009
That's really stunning! Forget Elaine Page (Elaine Who?), a new star is born, you rock! Thank you! You singing cry me a river convinced me (if I wasn't already) of your marvellous talent. Lots of love from a fan, xxx
Posted by Domani on April 16, 2009
You have got to be kidding!!!! OMG.......I'm at a loss for words. This woman is phenomenal!

Posted by oak on April 16, 2009
Beautiful! It's not just your voice. You have an interpretation that is sensitive and moving. Bravo!
Posted by sharonbmad on April 16, 2009
Susan, I can't wait for your CD......I could listen to you forever, and would love to meet you, though I know that will never happen. Wow! Goosebumps and tears........ You are absolutely beautiful, inside and out.
Posted by Dr Gary on April 16, 2009
Susan, where have you been hiding?
My friend starred in the Los Angeles company of Les Miserables. He saw your video yesterday and he cried! I'd buy your songs in a New York second (despite being from California). You are truly a phenom! Please give us more!
Posted by Comstock on April 16, 2009
Wow.....what a Bueatiful voice and she is so unassuming!!! I can't get over how bueatiful she sang. I am so happy for her and for us!!
Posted by NYNY on April 16, 2009
Susan: I'm so glad for the rest of the world that you have been discovered. You are a true talent. Keep Dreaming that Dream, it's going to come true. I cannot wait for your first CD! Best Wishes from Long Island NY/USA
Posted by SusanFan2009 on April 16, 2009
Susan, you have the most beautiful voice I have heard. Do continue to sing, and bring joy to the world. You have been an inspiration to millions and millions of people all over the world..
Posted by Sandwich on April 16, 2009
What a voice!!! Please record a CD soon - I can't wait!
Posted by Beverly Jane on April 16, 2009
Wow, Miss Susan, even the angels will give you a standing ovation. I cried and the hair stood up on the back of my neck when I heard you sing your first song. Hubby and I cannot wait to purchase your very first recordings. God Bless , Beverly Jane
Posted by Alpacalotofwool on April 16, 2009
It is so wonderful- heartwarming, really, to see someone's dream begin to take shape and come to life. Susan was amazing. I cried like a baby watching her sing. she was meant to sing! BRAVA!
Posted by Cloe on April 16, 2009
Susan, I watched you turn into the butterfly you were meant to be, from the moment you started to sing, this shy woman became, extraordinary, stunning and magical. Bless you, keep the faith, and I look forward to much more from you
heartfelt congratulations, Cloe, USA
Posted by Nikki Sullivan on April 16, 2009
Dear Ms. Boyle, What a fabulous voice you have! I too cried and felt the goosebumps on my arms. My whole family will be your fan. Thank you for sharing with us your wonderful gift. Sincerely, The Sullivan Family
Posted by winner8 on April 16, 2009
Hi Susan, You are just a beautiful and wonderful inspiration. I don't know what the media are talking about with your appearance. I see you as an ordinary person with extraordinary talent and beautiful personality. I can't wait for your CD and I you have my support along with million others. GO for it girl!
Posted by Jo-Jo on April 16, 2009
YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Keep on singing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by big Susan Fan on April 16, 2009
Pure Joy!!!!
Posted by rt1maillady on April 16, 2009
Susan, You use the expression that you are God-Smacked!
Hon, I think that you are God- Kissed. Wow! Sing from your heart! Enjoy the ride. I can't wait for your CD. You are what the world needs now. Blessings to you.
Posted by Migraine Man on April 16, 2009
Every Day since Easter Sunday, I have watched the YouTube video through tears. And now "Cry Me a River"! How appropriate for those of us with tears of joy. What an angel and gift from above! We love you, Susan!
Posted by Moniche on April 16, 2009
My God what a voice. The purity and feeling. There is nothing staged, put on or contrived that emanates from that voice. Simply heart and soul THANK YOU SUSAN BOYLE!!!! I can't wait to you see live at your premiere concert in the States. Cheers, darling
Posted by PattiCake on April 16, 2009
Hello Susan. What a wonderful breath of fresh air!!! Hopefully this magic will continue as you have stirred overdue emotions in millions of people. I can't wait for your first recording! God bless you on your new journey!
Posted by Peggy6324 on April 16, 2009
A friend just sent me her appearence on BGT, oh my! Lady you are beautiful, that voice was incrediable and made me cry. I would hope that you will teach us to not take any thing for granted and look within. Your shines in a world that needs more of you.
Posted by brimimom on April 16, 2009
Susan, my husband just shared the youtube video with me and I cried with tears of joy. You made the choice to put your mother before your personal dreams which is so very inspirational in a world all about "me". How blessed that you now can share your beautiful gift with the rest of us and how proud your mother must be looking on from above. I work with people who have a variety of "disAbilities" who, given the chance, shine brightly as well. Thank you and live YOUR dreams.
Posted by kimba on April 16, 2009
That voice is amazing!!! I hope that old cd gets made again and she makes many more...I will buy them all!!!
You go girl!!!! You have my vote!!!
Posted by Shishilala on April 16, 2009
What a voice - Pure and perfect!
Good on you Susan!
Love from Perth Australia xXx
Posted by JBHawaii on April 16, 2009
Simply lovely ... simply lovely. A stunning voice .... obviously the "right folks" didn't hear this CD .... make my day here in Honolulu Hawaii as I end my work day.

Fills my hear and soul with warmth and compassion for this woman. Wish her the best ... SHE WILL GO PLACES FOR SURE ....

Simply great .... Honolulu salutes you Susan !!!
Posted by Kashmirqueen on April 16, 2009
What a beautiful voice, i'm a fan! ready to stardom?
from a mexican living in France ;-)
Posted by brimimom on April 16, 2009
WOW! I just listed to Cry me a River! I hope we hear this one on and many, many more!
Posted by ingisme on April 16, 2009
Susan thank u sooo much for sharing your amazing voice and humble personality with the world. from what i have seen i think you r beautiful. what a gift to be able to extract tears from almost all that hear you sing and broad smiles when you speak. words associated with you...beautiful, angelic voice, Gods gift,tears
Posted by glorybee on April 16, 2009
Susan you are an inspiration to all that have seen you and heard you sing. You give me goose bumps hearing you sing.What a beautiful voice you have been blessed with!We will be listening and watching for more of you here in Texas!
Posted by Sean_ on April 16, 2009
Susan Boyle your voice has been heard around the world and the world is a much better place because we have heard your dream and we adore living it with you.
Posted by Hawaiiansoul on April 16, 2009
Susan, I am in love with your voice, simply beautiful... Here in hawaii we call goose pimples "chicken skin" and I get it everytime I listen to your voice, I wish you health, happiness and wealth, Tthank you for sharing such a beautiful gift with all of us. The world....
Posted by Kawaiopua on April 16, 2009
Aloha, Susan, mahalo for sharing your gift with that absolutely spectacular instrument. However, without your soul, your instrument would not resonate to all of us who it has heard your voice. May we continue to hear it and be reminded of your humility, graciousness and tremendous heart. I Mua, Susan.
Posted by Steven J. Hill on April 16, 2009
We love you Susan! You go Girl! God bless you!
Posted by Lotta on April 16, 2009
It was delightful to see and HEAR Susan's audition. The appreciation from the audience and the judges faces were priceless.
Good Luck Susan. I wish you all the best and I will keep my fingers crossed and send my strongest vibes so you win.
I am sure you DO have a future in music.

Way to go!! :):)
Posted by Northridge, Ca Fan on April 16, 2009
When will she perform in Los Angeles? I will be the first to buy tickets to see her. She is exactly the kind of entertainer we need today. She is talented, humble and a real person. She deserves this in her life.
Posted by RAY on April 16, 2009
You bring joy, wisdom and confidence to the world.
Your voice sends a messege to all who hear you.
You show love, kindness and incredible singing.
Please come to New England soon and visit.
I follow you everyday.

Posted by MizzB on April 16, 2009
After watching the video of BGT and listening to "Cry Me A River" from the charity CD, I can only feel very sorry for the other contestants. They don't stand a chance! Susan sings from a beautiful soul, and we are all blessed to hear her. I can hardly wait for her first CD.
Posted by LuckyRose728 on April 16, 2009
I just now saw the banner posted above this website advertising a tee shirt on Ebay. They should be ashamed of themselves. What a terrible thing to put on that shirt.
Makes me sad to see how small minded people can be.
Posted by feldt smidt on April 16, 2009
Susan, all I got to say is you are simply amazing, just love you voice, would love to give you a big hug, you will have a wonderful life from this time forward, hooray for you.
Posted by drmp4967 on April 16, 2009
And she wanted to be like Elaine Paige... well Susan, forget about it. I think you are way much better than Elaine Paige. WHAT A VOICE !!!!! It's not only sweet and melodic, you have total cotrol over it. ou are definitely one of a kind.
Posted by BB on April 16, 2009
Wow!!!! Class personified!! Such emotion, longing and feeling in your voice!! I could listn to you all day! How lucky we are that at last you have been discovered and we are now privaliged to hear your truly amazing voice. May happiness, joy and contentment be yours for ever more.
Posted by ingisme on April 16, 2009
i would love to hear u sing "the Impossile Dream", "I'm Not That girl", "No Good Deed" (Wicked), "Angel of Music", "Music of the Night" (Phantom of the opera). your voice, "Somebody to love" (Queen) your voice, these songs, what a combo!
Posted by Starsong on April 16, 2009
UNBELIEVABLE!! My God, I can't believe it, here I sit with tears streaming down my face again - just like when I heard your first song! Yes, Susan, I am crying a river over you, over your heavenly voice - where, oh where, did you come from?! This is something extraordinary that is happening - yes, truly, like many people have been saying, it's like an angel is singing for us!
Posted by drmp4967 on April 16, 2009
Susan, if God ever made a mistake, it was with you. Giving you that wonderful and amazing voice, he just left us all without any... I still can't believe you were never discovered. What a waste of time. From now on, your life will be diferent, and we must thank God for giving us Susan Boyle. Can't wait for your first record. I am already on waiting list...
Posted by Mark (CI) on April 16, 2009
Hello from Toronto, Canada Susan!

What a gift! What a treasure! I to, feel privileged to have watched and heard this remarkable moment. Susan, as you move forward in the competition, I hope that you may try some of Maureen McGovern's hit songs from the 70's such as "Morning After" from the movie the "Poseidon Adventure" or "Can You Read My Mind" from the original "Superman" movie. You would nail these tunes with that heaven sent voice. I wish you the very best in the competition as well as your new career.

Posted by CATCORBETT on April 16, 2009
You, My Dear, are a true talent...May your dreams soar to the highest...Please stay as seet as you are...God Bless
Posted by David Parocua on April 16, 2009
Susan, what an inspiration you are to me. The day I saw the video of you on Britain has got talent, I was feeling down but after seeing your performance, you gave me "Hope" that anything is possible. I have watched your video over and over again and it still gives me goose bumps. I wish you the best in life, your time has come and I look forward to buying your music in the near future.
Posted by pittwriter54 on April 16, 2009
She is amazing. True talent and no pretense. No attitude. Just a beautiful person with an outstanding voice. I hope there is much more to come.
Posted by gadget73156 on April 16, 2009
I'm so glad this treasure (Susan)was uncovered. Now I cannot imagine never hearing her voice.
Posted by hissiggy777 on April 16, 2009
I live in NJ, USA. I heard Susan for the first time tonight on Youtube. Let me say...SHE IS SPECTACULAR! What a voice~someone should absolutely give her a recording contract! She may not look like her idol Elaine Page but looks are not important when it comes to a gift from G-d! Susan, you have the most beautiful voice! You go girl! The UK should be VERY PROUD OF YOU!
Posted by Stephenie on April 16, 2009
The most pure voices in my memory are Judy Garland and Patsy Cline, but now with Miss Boyle on our ears nothing compares, just too good for words. I lived in LA and attended the 10 year anniversary party for MTV in 1991, there once was a time when VOICES mattered the most, not appearances, and listening to her makes me think that without the visuals half of today's singing "stars" would never get their records played. Can't wait for her first CD
Posted by Caperjay on April 16, 2009
Hi Susan. I'm from Canada. I just want you to know that you have one of most beautiful voices I've ever heard in my lifetime. Along with your voice, you're a beautiful person. I can't wait to buy your CD!!! :-) Best of luck, but I don't think you'll need it... because you're AWESOME GIRL!! A HUGE CANADIAN FAN!!! :-)
Posted by Pinky2U on April 16, 2009
Like silk on smooth skin. Her voice has a very mesmerizing effect. Its hits an emotional nerve that just makes me want to hear more. She will no longer be an invisible person in the crowd. Good for her.
Posted by piscator64 on April 16, 2009
Wow Susan!!! Can't wait for a cd from you. Your voice is amazing. God Bless you and your voice. Don't let the world change you when you are changing the world.
Posted by Almarose on April 16, 2009
This woman has the VOICE, and most certain the PERSONALITY to go along with it. She is the type that would not harm or say anything derogative about another.
Keep that melodious voice coming Susan, we love you in ARIZONA.
Posted by jeffdunstan on April 16, 2009
Absolutely awesome. Im a 38 year old from america and thats the best song ive heard in years!
Posted by ACBeach on April 16, 2009
Susan, why did it take so long for us to find out about you? You have an incredible, beautiful voice.
Posted by SKathyD on April 16, 2009
Am also waiting for a CD! She had my gruff 51 yr old brother in tears! God Bless you, Beautiful!
Posted by c0687020 on April 16, 2009
Only since the Idoldebut have I heard of Susan Boyle.What a precious gem.I think with the exposure Idol offers Susan as well as Idol will become an ICON of our time.
Biggest contribution to the industry since the Fab 4
Posted by uffda on April 16, 2009
What an amazing God given talent. She brings out emotion in her audience. Bravo Susan, Bravo!
Posted by vivid on April 16, 2009
I have never heard a voice that is so beautiful and natural as Susan's. I pray that this woman is given a recording contract. I would buy her CD in a heartbeat. I also hope that she has good people behind her that will not try to harm and take advantage of her.
Posted by Mark (CI) on April 16, 2009

Posted by yorker on April 16, 2009
Susan, bless you for continuing to sing despite all the obstacles you've faced in your daily life like being jobless. Your voice is incredible! Your singing made me cry - and you've inspired me to keep trying to sing too. THANK YOU for singing!
Posted by Marquissa on April 16, 2009
We just love you Susan! You are adored for your talent and your darling unaffected personality. I cry everytime I hear you sing. You touch us all, and at this time in the world we need what you represent, and that is hope and knowing that you are fulfilling your dream ! Thank you so much for finally sharing your wonderful voice with the world.
Posted by Stellawright on April 16, 2009
Oh man, can you tell me where can I buy this CD (I'm resided in Australia)? Anyone knows? Susan, I can't wait to tell everybody how Great you are! God, I'm lucky to have a chance to listen your music. You're amazing and your personality is something we learn from too! Can't wait to buy your new album!! Hurrah!!
Posted by WA state librarian on April 16, 2009
Wow! What a voice!! I'd sure pay for a CD. What an inspiration to us all.
Posted by PJCSTLOUIS on April 16, 2009
Susan, I'm a 46 year old heavy metal head from America. Your voice is pure gold, you're going to take it all. Good luck we are all so proud of you !!!
Posted by Susan Will on April 16, 2009
Susan, you are truly an inspiration to anyone that has not yet lived their dream and are 40 something. Enjoy every minute because now ALL of the choices are yours to make. Make them wisely and be yourself - love yourself and it will make everyone love you all the more! God Bless you in all of your dreams! From another Susan!
Posted by timmydisco on April 16, 2009
Couldn't believe it when i heard you sing, what a wonderful surprise, there are truly very few things that bring tears to my eyes, I wept and was so proud of you that you fooled us all, don't let anyone push you around or conform to any mold of what stardom is about you are amazing just as you are.
Posted by Australian on April 16, 2009
How can this lady's voice not have been discovered till now.... it just beggers beleif ?????
Posted by dixie on April 16, 2009
This is an amazing talent and anyone who judged her on looks before they heard her should be ashamed.....she blew me away and I can't stop watching her video. Such a lovely, unassuming, talented soul!
Posted by Merlin0007 on April 16, 2009
Wow! Reading thru the first Twenty post just about covers it, But it needs to be repeated. What a voice, personality, performance and delivery. Always be yourself that is a part of your delivery that makes your performance so captivating! I, a 43 yr old mountain man type had to listen to it three times in a row, crying with joy and happiness that such a talent had finally been discovered and shared with the rest of the world. Truely "THE WORLD" I don't know how many copies and version of the clip there are out there but the one I watched 3 times had been viewed nearly 3 million times. I'll buy it! Just point me to the CD or better yet a DVD with your performances on it. Somebody better sign you a contract before the contest is over, catch the kite by the tail while the wind is still blowing!!! Again Bravo!!!!
Posted by SassyLady on April 16, 2009
What a rare jewel of a voice!! Could listen to her sing all day!!
Posted by AL2 on April 16, 2009
Susan Boyle - you have just raised the bar for all professional singers to reach. What you have done is analagous to someone winning all the gold metals at the Olympic games. Don't worry about getting a job, I am getting in line to purchase your new CD as soon as it is ready!!
Posted by plg on April 16, 2009
Wow!! Incredible, Inspiring, Spine tingling, Hope, Magical.
I'd love to have a dvd of this performance. I'd play it over and over as I do on the computer.
I'm a huge fan and would love to tell Ms. Boyle what an inspiration she is. BRAVO Susan Boyle, BRAVO!!!
You Go Girl!!
Posted by Blue Moon on April 16, 2009
I just keep coming back to find out more and more about this amazing woman. I counted and so far, 24,623,793 hits on you tube. (I counted all the videos they had)
everyone here in our home has now heard Susan sing and we all agree she has the most amazing voice we have ever heard. I've read some comments where people are saying she's probably going to get some kind of a makeover, I truly hope this is not the case. To us here, a big part of Susan's charm is her unassuming ways, her plucky spirit and her wonderful sense of humour. Susan ROCKS just the way she is, and for anyone to think she needs to change anything about herself, take a good look in the mirror. God prefers ordinary looking people, that's why he made so many of them. Susan shines, she simply shines, just the way she is. True beauty can't be found anywhere but in a person's heart, and to us here in Canada, Susan is perfect just the way she is.
Posted by Blue Moon on April 16, 2009
I just keep coming back to find out more and more about this amazing woman. I counted and so far, 24,623,793 hits on you tube. (I counted all the videos they had)
everyone here in our home has now heard Susan sing and we all agree she has the most amazing voice we have ever heard. I've read some comments where people are saying she's probably going to get some kind of a makeover, I truly hope this is not the case. To us here, a big part of Susan's charm is her unassuming ways, her plucky spirit and her wonderful sense of humour. Susan ROCKS just the way she is, and for anyone to think she needs to change anything about herself, take a good look in the mirror. God prefers ordinary looking people, that's why he made so many of them. Susan shines, she simply shines, just the way she is. True beauty can't be found anywhere but in a person's heart, and to us here in Canada, Susan is perfect just the way she is.
Posted by Austin2u on April 16, 2009
You have amazing talent and charisma. Don't let anyone ever try to change you. You are PERFECT just the way you are. Your looks, your charm, your talent and sincerity are things that draw people to you. Always stay true to who you are and blessings will come your way. Thank you for sharing your gifts!
Posted by Jyn on April 16, 2009
Such an amazing voice. I truly got chills when I first heard her singing "I Dream a Dream". It was just so moving. I read an article that said that there is a possible contract in the works, and all I can say is, "Soon, please!"

If one isn't forthcoming shortly, I doubt that she'd have a problem getting a loan to pay for studio sessions and self-publishing. If no one is smart enough to snap her up quickly, she should definitely self-publish. These days, studios provide editing services and such. She'd probably end up actually making more money by selling her own cds through an independent online service. I know I can't wait to buy one, and will keep checking on the status!
Posted by Merlin0007 on April 16, 2009
Ok it has only been a few minutes since I posted my last post. I had to watch it again...And I guess a few others did too. The version I was watching was the 7.08 minute one and it has gone from 3 million views to over 16 million views. GO GO GO. Bye the way it brought me to tears agian. Look at the faces of the judges. Those people have been around music and glamour for years. They are absolutely stunned.
Posted by Andy on April 16, 2009
Susan, I don't recall ever being so moved by a performance in my 62 years. I have watched the video at least 50 times. It's always the same - I well up with tears of joy and at the end, I'm smiling ear to ear. Thank you,
It sounds like you have led a bit of a tough, somewhat sheltered life. Please don't let the media rabble destroy who you are.
God Bless you
Posted by pasture on April 16, 2009
Tears on my face
Posted by SAW on April 16, 2009
The Lady Can Sing!
Her voice, the way she presented herself on stage (her personalty). The way things are in the world at the moment, I believe God gave her her voice just to show that there is still beauty around us.
To change the words an old song "What the world needs now is Susan Sweet Susan"
Posted by Pammers on April 16, 2009
Those years, of taking care of Mom and giving so unselfishly of yourself are paying off. God has blessed you and, in that blessing you are a blessing to all of us. I think your kitty might want to get ready for a bigger scratching post because mama's hit the big time. Thank you and God Bless you. You are an inspiration to all of us caring for someone and waiting for our turn!
Posted by KaVa on April 16, 2009
I just listened to you sing, "I Dreamed a Dream" on "Britain Has Got Talent", tears came to my eyes from the moment I heard the first line of the song. And the way you sing, "Cry Me a River" is so beautiful. It is so refreshing to hear these beautiful songs that aren't often done unless you go to a musical or watch the classic musicals. What a heavenly voice. God speed to you Susan.
Posted by brandee on April 16, 2009
WOOOOOW I was so moved. Susan God is blessing you. Thank you for showing the world that people like you do exist.
Posted by chearpear on April 16, 2009
I ABSOLUTELY ADORE YOU!!! In a world of so many plastic people, you are SO refreshing! You are SO real! I loved the song you picked. I watched your video about 50 times! Susan, may you receive back what you have just given to millions of people in the world! Thank you!!!! :)
Posted by dod1951 on April 16, 2009
Absolutely brilliant! I can't stop listening to you sing and can't wait for your first album release.
Posted by Clovis on April 16, 2009
I've heard you sing two songs better than anyone else I've ever heard. Please take care of yourself, and please keep singing. You're the only person I can think of whose voice I could never tire of hearing. How magnificent. Please do some videos. You are a joy to behold.
Posted by John Whisenhunt on April 16, 2009
When we heard Susan sing I thank the Good Lord we had tissues here in my garage because I started weaping. Anna my wife started laughing at me because i'm so senamental.
Susan your Fabulous !!!!!! Even my 18 year old daughter who dosen't like watching American Idle was totally touched. We think you've got it. THANK YOU for being so real!!!
Posted by rada on April 16, 2009
I am 42 years old and I have been ill for over 3 years now...with a long way to go for total recovery. It gets hard to keep up the faith. Your performance truly gave me the inspiration to never give up and to "dream a dream". Thank you for your courage, your strength and your perseverance to achieve your goals. Best of luck to you...I'll be cheering for you!
Posted by mugga on April 16, 2009
It's me again Susan...went to work tonight and EVERYONE was talking about brought the world together this week and I am proud to be a fan...I am from Southern Minnesota and we r in love with you here....I do not see, The Ugly Duckling, idea....I saw a twinkle in your eye, mixed with a sassiness and as I watch you walk out on that stage, in that beautiful dress, full of confidence. You are the most powerful person in the world right wonderful for all of us.....
Posted by kowboy048 on April 16, 2009
Susan is one of the best singers I have ever heard. I predict that when her album is released it will become one of the biggest selling albums of all time if not the biggest. She has opened up and tapped into people's hearts and emotions like no one has since Elvis Presley. She is simple sensational.
Posted by Light on April 16, 2009
Susan, Yu are fantastic! I only hope you sing many more songs and make a CD ASAP. Yes, HAWAII salutes you here on Maui as well as Oahu!!! Keep it up!
Posted by LaLonde on April 16, 2009
I absolutely love your voice. I can't belive that in all these years you and your voice were not discovered. I could have listened to you years ago. You not only make your Mom proud you will make the world proud that we are lucky enough to hear your most beautiful voice. I am sure you are as beautiful on the inside as your voice is for us to hear. May god bless you and keep you healthy for years so we may listen to you, Thank you so much for stepping out.
Posted by lsduncan on April 16, 2009
Whoever decides to sell a copy of this charity CD stands to make a pretty penny, that's for certain.

And I've been listening to Susan Boyle's version of this song I don't know how many times today. But I'll tell you what, I can't help but to come back for more.
Posted by Catzs on April 16, 2009
Wow, I am so mesmerized by your voice and singing. I love it!!! You have really pulled at my heart strings. Thank you so much.
Posted by Allikat on April 16, 2009
Wow, Susan--what a wonderful rendition of 'Cry Me a River'! GORGEOUS! How you could have recorded this beautiful song back in 1999 and then remained so 'anonymous' outside your village for so long astonishes me. I must surely be your BIGGEST fan over here in Texas--am greatly looking forward to following your progress on Britain's Got Talent--although now, you hardly even need that program, as you've already 'made it', so to speak. Like so many, I am longing for the day your first full-length album is launched--I'll buy two or three copies for myself and who knows how many for friends! I cannot thank you enough for finally doing whatever it took to share your fabulous singing gift with the entire world. You are truly an inspiration, especially during some of this Earth's darkest days I can recall in my 60 years of life. God bless you and your magnificent talent--may it carry you to exactly where you'd like to go!
Posted by cars on April 16, 2009
I have listen to the video on Susan Boyle over and over. It is truly amazing that I even got teary eyed. I hope she gets her dream. Your Mom must of believed in you and your voice. It is purely heaven. Let the angels sing.
Posted by Moem43 on April 16, 2009
This is gorgeous! My favorite rendition of this song was the one by 80s popsinger Mari Wilson, but this is much, much more impressive! Miss Boyle - you are amazing! What a voice!
Posted by Californian on April 16, 2009
Ms. Boyle, I am 51 years old, and I have been contemplating taking a new career direction. But, I kept telling myself "you're too old to do something new."

You have inspired me, and made me realize that it is NEVER too late to go after your dreams.

Thank you, for this gift to me, and the entire world, at a moment when we all need it most. You are a shining light, and a reminder to never stop believing. We'll be rooting for you here in Southern California, USA.
Posted by ladyw105 on April 16, 2009
I am so excited!! I am looking forward to hearing more from you Susan! I can hardly wait! How lucky we all are to have had the chance to meet YOU! Best wishes!!!!
Posted by windbag on April 16, 2009
Ms.Boyle,i am very humbled to have the privilege to thank you from the bottom of my heart, for sharing your awesome gift! To say it brought me to tears is putting it mildly!Keep up your wonderous journey to the stars! You shall always be in my prayers! God Bless You and thank you for profoundly touching my heart!!
Posted by Jill on April 16, 2009
Susan Boyle, Thanks you, thank you, thank you. You sing like an angel. I can't wait to buy your CD, see you live in concert, read a book about you, etc.
Your smile and voice light up the world.
Posted by mimi2 on April 16, 2009
Holy cow, that's her singing? This is her time to shine. There's just something in her, more than just another pretty voice, that goes right through your heart. Please start making some CDs. I love that old 1940's kind of music.
Posted by dready on April 16, 2009
It is rare to see someone with pure undeniable talent succeed on the merits of that talent, not a hack supermodel grunting out words, not someone's talentless brat offspring, not a down-home hack politician. GO SUSAN!!!!
Posted by lovealnhealall on April 16, 2009
gorgeous voice- gorgeous lady!! lets stop lovin the Barby and love the real people with or with out this amazing talent!!! shame on us!
SUSAN is beautiful,talented and REAL!!!
I love you Susan BOYLE!!!
Posted by Evonsnz on April 16, 2009
What a voice Susan has, I first heard her on the radio on my way to work, and tears welled up in my eyes and tumbled down my cheeks..I had no idea why.. I just knew the voice was so wonderful that it touched my heart. I heard & saw the youtube the next day, and the same thing happened..again I wondered why. Each time i hear her voice i get the same result. her voice is God given obviously.. makes sense why so many people are brought to tears when listening to her voice. I feel so blessed to have heard her singing. YOU GO GIRL...& God Bless
Posted by Evonsnz on April 17, 2009
How can I write to Susan Boyle directly??? anyone tell me??? I live in NZ. Would love to write to her.
Posted by michellemac on April 17, 2009
Susan is gorgeous! She not only has an amazing voice but a gorgeous personality! I was in tears watching her, never have I seen a person more deserving of success. To all those in the audience who gave the negative looks, I hope you are embarrassed!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope Susan goes on to reach her dream, and im sure she will be flooded with invites from males too! Ok, going by typical social standards she may not be beautiful, but never have I seen a more beautiful personality! Looks fade people, I think its best we dont overlook this! People like Susan will out live the "BEAUTIFUL" but talentless people that will never impact on hardly anyones lives! Unlike Susan, who has impacted on millions! To all of those who gave those shameful looks on the show, I hope you learnt something from this experience....... and that would be "Dont judge a book by its cover!!!!!!!!!!!".
Posted by punxyboy on April 17, 2009
Susan, you have got to be kidding me! That is the most beautiful rendition of 'Cry Me A River' that I have ever heard. Absolutely rivals Barbra's rendition from the sixties. Your voice is so clear! Such attitude, as well, like you know romantic heartache. I love it! More, please! -Rich in Seattle
Posted by dready on April 17, 2009
Susan, I am pulling for you to fulfill your dream to perform for the Queen, I'm sure Her Majesty will be as overwhelmed by your incredible talent as the rest of the world! You are amazing!!! Best wishes on a glorious future!!!-Dready, Gum Spring Virginia,U.S.A.
Posted by luvususan on April 17, 2009
Susan, God bless you. I am 58, never married, no boyfriend, not beautiful. You have given me such a lift,your inner beauty and voice is a gift from God. I am cheering you on to win. Remember the "first will be last and the last will be first." Keep singing and when will come to America?????
Posted by ARIELOROZCO on April 17, 2009
Hi Susan. You were wrong: You do not wanna sing like Alain Page, Alain Page would like to sing like you. I have seen your video maybe 100 times, and your voice always puts my eyes watery. I wonder where were you, where were those myope producers. Oh god, maybe more than 40 years the world without your voice. Att. Ariel Orozco, Colombia.
Posted by lovealnhealall on April 17, 2009
The next BIG - REAL Sensation!!
from Bell., WA
Hears to a long successful singing career!!
Posted by lovealnhealall on April 17, 2009
PURE & Beatiful as a Butterfly!!
what a Saintly voice!!!

Posted by Niteangel on April 17, 2009
Oh God its beautiful, such an amazing voice! This is all so touching, finally, as others said, your time has come. I wish you a great and very very long career dear Susan, we love you!
Posted by dylanhounddog on April 17, 2009
I can't stop watching this video.Still brings tears to my eyes every time.You are awesome Susan.
Posted by Tapkaara on April 17, 2009
Susan, you are the real deal. A singer with TRUE talent who does not need a voice processor and a mixing board in order to sound good. Your talent is real. And look how many lives you have touched in such a short amount of time. I don't even know how Britain's Got Talent can continue with other contestants at this time. The show is already over.

My best wishes to you, Susan.
Posted by oldoz09 on April 17, 2009
Beautiful, intelligent singing!

Susan's talent is not just for one genre, she has versitility to rival any other who is already famous.

Go get them, Susan!
Posted by smee! on April 17, 2009
Susan, I got goosebumps listening to you sing - you are a genuinely beautiful person and here in New Zealand we will be avidly watching your meteoric rise to fame!
Posted by NancyB on April 17, 2009
Susan, you want to be like Elaine Page? People everywhere are wishing they had a voice like YOU! Your voice and version of the song brought me to tears, along with everyone else I know that has seen it. I wish you all the best, in this competition (which you should WIN) and through your life. You have a God given talent which we are all waiting for you to share more of!
Posted by purity on April 17, 2009
absolutly beautiful voice!!
read this link
Posted by Dale214 on April 17, 2009
nice voice, nice soul, you are a talent! Thank you!
Posted by Emme on April 17, 2009
Wow.. Woman you rock. That just blew me away. You are so beautiful. inside and out. Chills still..
Posted by dparlo562 on April 17, 2009
Wow....her voice reminds of the great ladies of past: Ella, Sarah, and Billie. Susan's voice fills the void in today's soul less music scene. Thank you Susan for saving the music.
Posted by Emme on April 17, 2009
but it's not sad.. she is found now. she is beautiful and wonderful. I look so forward to just hear her voice. She is like.. OMG.. so awesome.. I love you Susan Boyel
Posted by postb99 on April 17, 2009
I'm at work right now and will listen to her later at home, but reading the associated article makes me believe more and more that she has a special karma, like another singer I really loved (the Italian Andrea Bocelli) : birth health injury, divine voice she practiced early, late public recognition. Just a coincidence but this makes her more special to me.

All the best to you Susan !
Posted by marjoriemkh on April 17, 2009
Excellent. I can't wait to buy her CD's.
Posted by Cindy1 on April 17, 2009
I loved your performance! You brought me to tears.
I absolutely love your voice and can't believe that in all these years you and your voice were not discovered, but luckily you are now !!
Posted by Mrssherri on April 17, 2009
Susan, as a singer, I was truly blown away by your performance. Enjoy the fame. I also hope that you find the man of your dreams to share this wonderful ride with you.
Posted by Mrssherri on April 17, 2009
Susan, as a singer, I was truly blown away by your performance. Enjoy the fame. I also hope that you find the man of your dreams to share this wonderful ride with you.
Posted by Klicky on April 17, 2009
Dear Susan,
I am so proud of you. You have a beautiful voice and your singing style touched my emotions deeply. I'm glad you ignored the rude people who tried to put you down. I like your confidence. I hope you win and become a millionaire. Be happy! Your mom would be proud!!! God bless you!
Posted by rafael e gonzalez on April 17, 2009
Posted by cmyohiousa on April 17, 2009
Dear Susan
You are awesome and please do not change anything about yourself and do not let them change anything about you either. You have an awesome voice and are truly blessed.
I do not watch Idol here much but I was blown away by your song and your voice. God Bless you and your dreams.
Posted by baldini on April 17, 2009
When I first heard Susan only one thing occured. Tears welled up in my eyes. She should be an inspiration to all those persons who don't fit the stereotypical image that the glossy magazines and the marketing guru's try to have the world conform to and are never given an opportunity on the sole basis of their talents. Egg in the face of the music and marketing monguls. Way to go Susan!!
Posted by Pensygal on April 17, 2009
What a phenomenon....a voice of an angel. Each time I listen it brings me to tears. I wish her well as she most assuredly will succeed. Our prayers are with you as you "climb that ladder to success."
Posted by gatrasz843 on April 17, 2009
How to stop crying, hearing you!!! All over the world there millions that you've been driven to tears (please pardon my poor english) . You're a great, great lady !! a marvelous singer !! God bless you Susan !!
Posted by PinkCar on April 17, 2009
MAGNIFICENT! This reminds me of the first time I heard Barbra Streisand. WOW!!!! You have the voice of an ANGEL. You are truly a gift to ALL of us. I anxiously await your CD. God Bless you!
Posted by santos on April 17, 2009
Susan; I want to thank you for letting the world hear you sing. You have a voice of an angel. God Bless you Susan. You just keep singing. Where in the U.S.A. can I purchase your records? Will you being doing a record of Catholic hymns? I'm also Catholic. Love You.
Posted by Agatha on April 17, 2009
absolutely awe - inspiring. From someone so humble and a true good samaritan, giving up her own life to look after her mother - and so modest.
Posted by mlk773 on April 17, 2009
We needed an angel & now we have one - I love this woman!
Posted by Sherri W. on April 17, 2009
WOW! You are amazing and such a beautiful soul with a voice that should be heard around the world! God Bless and best of luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by CYRNEAN on April 17, 2009
Wow ! Great talent, Susan BOYLE is marvellous. Thanks to BGT. Now, we wait for the CD. Best wishes from FRANCE !!!
Posted by laddyboy on April 17, 2009
truely amazing!!!i can't stop wathcing the video. i wish her all the best. she deserves it...
Posted by cynicalone on April 17, 2009
I liked Susan Boyle's performance: clear, strong, beautiful voice, but I have to hear more of her singing for me to say she's a "wonder". Remember that the competition is not over yet, you have not seen all the singers singing on the show.
It was not good idea to say publicly that she "has not been kissed" "never had a boyfriend", I don't know why she volunteered this information, but I'm sure she regrets it now, it will hunt her for a long time: that was inappropriate, unwise to say publicly.
I have heard Paul Potts singing many times: he's an out of the ordinary voice, and he has proved it singing many songs, arias.
I hope Boyle can wow me even more than him if possible.
Cheers !
Posted by Sanjay Ningombam on April 17, 2009
What a love voice u have. Love to hear more of u.Please also sing gospel and hymn.
Posted by earthman990 on April 17, 2009
These days people need miracles, and susan boyle is a miracle, a deep emotional miracle. that has tapped into our hearts, i meant the people who witnessed her performance. she needs to be protected like obama, to make sure the flame from her tourch! doe,s not go out! and she is as precious and important to humanity as humanity would ever need. she is a rightous woman , with no scorn, or hate, but sings for the love she needs. so if you read this Susan, listen up! simon will see that you get the right deal. negotiate all publishing, and watch out they don,t have you in fifty cities in 30 days. and save your best for the really important jobs, like the dignitarys, people in high places, so that they can feel the power of love and maybe change the course of humanities fate. peace love and light you susan boyle.
Posted by leslie_4_99 on April 17, 2009
I have never seen anyone with such a beautiful voice as Susans. Susan clearly has a great future ahead of her and she deserves it. She can make a difference and already has!
Posted by canadiandeb on April 17, 2009
ohhhhh my God. Susan you have made my day with your beautiful voice. I can't wait until I can buy a cd :)
Posted by jimmy browder on April 17, 2009
I am grateful now that all of you look at Susan the way our Grand Creator looks at her and everyone. From the inner person, the heart. I only hope to live through my health issues to see her sing live.
My hat and heart are off to Susan Boyle!

Jimmy Browder Scarred For Life child abuse video.
Posted by globabe24 on April 17, 2009
Hi Susan,
I heard you sing yesterday for the first time. You have an amazing voice. A voice like yours has to be from God. I live in Greer, SC, USA. I want to wish you all the best this life has to offer. You deserve it.
Posted by mollyrose1956 on April 17, 2009
Susan, You are absolutely amazing! You have incredible talent! I cried when I saw you and heard you sing. You are such a beautiful singer and so down-to-earth. Don't let the media attention change who you are. I can't wait to buy your music so I can enjoy your beautiful voice all the time! Your time has come to shine. Enjoy it!!
Posted by relevant on April 17, 2009
Posted by relevant on April 17, 2009
Posted by Inspiredat45 on April 17, 2009
Susan, It just keeps getting better!!! This is an outstanding version of this song. Your voice is definitely a gift from GOD. It is so soothing, clear, concise and smooth as silk. Be sure to remain true to yourself! The combination of your gift and wonderful personality is so rare. DON'T CHANGE!
Posted by Knittipina on April 17, 2009
I would definitely buy this track (Cry Me A River). In fact, why not go all the way and record an entire album! I would buy that too. Susan, you are immensely talented. When you sing, the whole world listens :)
Posted by Wet Eyes on April 17, 2009
Amazing,incredible,beautiful, I watched the video over and over and over with wet eyes I cant wait for you'r CD. We are waiting for you in Tampa Fl USA. We Love you!
Posted by AccountClosed on April 17, 2009
Everyone needs to go to this site! I couldn't figure out how to post it to this site so here is the address to Piers Morgan's page where there is a video of him asking Susan out for a date! It's very sweet. Here's the link:
There's a copy of this video on YouTube and I tried to copy that link too but couldn't figure that out either, sorry. If you do a search for "Susan Boyle Piers Morgan" it will pull the invitation up, you just have to look for it a little bit. Go Susan! :-)
Posted by Elmer Fudd on April 17, 2009
Thank you Susan. I never could understand the lyrics to the song since I've only heard Joe Cocker do it. Perhaps you and Rod Stewart could get together and do another of An American Song Book CD
Posted by AgathaX on April 17, 2009
Cry Me a River is even better than your performance on Britain's Got Talent. I may buy an iPod just so I can listen to your future recordings.

Dearest Susan, you may soon be as rich as the Queen, and known to everyone, including so many scam artists. Protect yourself, from people who want to abuse both your pocketbook and your heart. Your countrywoman, J.K. Rowling, was new to wealth too. I bet she would give you pointers on how she managed. In fact, I bet she'd be honored.

My cats China and Pooh send their best to Pebbles.
Posted by jeannie3 on April 17, 2009
wow...again with the tears...
Posted by SAW on April 17, 2009
The Lady Can Sing!
You Rock...You are Talent itself
I have been watching your video and listing to 'Cry me a River) since early yesterday morning. I watch my 3 year old Granddaughter on Thursday and Friday... so she watched and listened with me. So far all morning today she has been trying to sing "Cry Me A River" and wants me to buy her the CD (right now) so she can take it home.
You are the perfect dream for this world right now.
Posted by freshfly on April 17, 2009
get your susan boyle t shirts here!!!

wear them to the show!!

show your support!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Marcia28 on April 17, 2009
Susan - I've watched your video over and over again, it brings me so much joy. You're so genuine and charming. Please put out a CD soon of all your favorite songs, and I'll listen to it every day. You're absolutely amazing. God bless you.
Posted by leprechaun54 on April 17, 2009
I've watched your performance on YouTube probably 8 times already and am brought to tears still with each performance. It was magical!! I hope you sell 150 million CD's when your recording comes out. More importantly, I hope I hope your new found fame and soon to be wealth doesn't taint you as a person. Stay yourself inside & enjoy your career as a singer.
Posted by mrse on April 17, 2009
Does she HAVE to finish the show? I'm ready for a CD now! Can we at least get Cry Me A River and I Dreamed on Itunes?
Posted by kciv104 on April 17, 2009
I just finished wiping the tears after viewing a post on facebook of you, Susan Boyle. You will not only be Britain's talent, you will be the world's talent. The song you chose could not have been more appropriate for your situation... and your courage will inspire many not to let their dreams die! Thank you so much Susan. I look forward to following your very successful career.
Posted by cab_codespring on April 17, 2009
Dear Susan,
I wish I had even half the voice you have, sigh. You are so lucky. I will say that you should not resist change, I say get a makeover, better yet, get on Stacy & Clinton's What Not To Wear. You DESERVE to look as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside. Yes, maybe it's shallow, but it will make you feel good!
Posted by Danny VH on April 17, 2009
Susan, you just showed to so many people that talent has no rules, no limits and no fashion. Your performance was fantastic and I'm happy that it was so well received by many people. You are the proof that talent rules and that, at the end of the day, that is the real value. Thanks to you for that.
Posted by aster on April 17, 2009
You go girl. Pay no mind to all the shallow people who think you have to be 20 and looking like a stick.You are an exciting, wonderful woman with a fantastic voice.
Posted by Panda on April 17, 2009
What a voice!!! Sooo moving and utterly pure. You Miss Boyle are a True Beauty!!!
Posted by pipit on April 17, 2009
Susan what a voice, the whole of Indonesia is becoming a big fan of you.
I wanted to comment to you on youtube, but this might be a better place in the hope that you read it.
Hope a cd will be available soon so we can enjoy your singing daily.
All the best to Pipit Widowati and family from Indonesia
Posted by Q-Tip on April 17, 2009
Bloody Fantastic!!!
Posted by Great Admirer on April 17, 2009
Posted by Deb W on April 17, 2009
Susan, you have the most incredible voice! I'm in tears listening to your perfect rendition of "Cry Me a River." Mainly because of the beauty of the recording, but in part because it has taken so long for the world to know your talent and spunky personality! I pray all your dreams come true! And put me on the list to buy your new CD when it comes out. Much love and happiness for you....
Posted by John-Joliet, IL on April 17, 2009
Susan I was blown away and brought to tears when I heard your song on Britain's Got Talent. I was more amazed when I heard you sing Cry Me A River. God has blessed with a beautiful voice. Don't let anything get in the way of your dream. You Go Girl!
Posted by Daphne VaPoofnik on April 17, 2009
Go for it, you're the best!!! More please!
Posted by Klock on April 17, 2009
I have to say that I never really saw much to recommend these talent shows. They just seemed to produce more cookie-cutter pop stars who become spoiled and embarass themselves. If the only reason for BGT to exist were to give Ms. Boyle this opportunity, then that is reason enough. Just think...if Ms. Boyle had not been born, who would have cared for her family and brought sunshine to her small, economically-depressed village? And now, because of her, I expect her community will benefit as well. Could it be a lesson to us? I expect she has never thought that her life has meant that much, most of us don't, but in fact, she has been so important, even if no one ever told her so. And now, all the world is shouting her praises! What a joy and priviledge to know about this truly incredible woman!
Posted by luv2sing on April 17, 2009
Absolutely gorgeous, flawless voice! God Bless You!
Posted by IQUINARK on April 17, 2009
Absolutely stunning!!! At last, someone with real talent. Susan knocks all the young wannabes into a cocked hat. Go for it girl and the very best of luck. If you don't win, it will be a travesty!
Posted by Jeff Gilbert on April 17, 2009
It has been years since I was so excited about a performing artist. You move me to tears.
Posted by Mom Bailey on April 17, 2009
Susan you are fabulous, I listen to you in my salon many times with my clients, we all think you are truly blessed with a great gift. I'm sure your Mother was there with a smile from ear to ear. don't let the world change you. You are what the world needs to be like. You are already a star and I thank you for sharing your talent with me and my clients. If you ever come to Utah you have a place to stay. All my Love to you Christy Bailey
Posted by POPS on April 17, 2009
What an absolutely fantastic voice,you actually brought me to tears. hope you'll have a cd available soon. Best wishes to you from a seventy-three year old FAN.
Posted by Cisco on April 17, 2009
Not sure if my little post will be read but here goes: you have a voice that can makes the angels cry -- thank you so very much for sharing your gift

Cisco C.
Posted by Lyn Bates on April 17, 2009
Where have you been all my life.I am no music fan because of all the dreadful pop junk, but I am deeply impressed and just hope that you can enjoy the fame and fortune that is undoubtably yours on a plate.
Posted by lizzie on April 17, 2009
you go for ir my lovely scottish sister! we are all right behind you!
lizzie xxx
Posted by lpjerrou on April 17, 2009
You are an inspiration to everyday people, living normal lives. You made me happy. Thank You. God Bless You!!!
Posted by sveettis on April 17, 2009
Posted by klaver4 on April 17, 2009
a breathtaking voice!!!Love from Holland Hanneke
Posted by Cindy SC USA on April 17, 2009
I want my own CD now!
Posted by Cindy SC USA on April 17, 2009
Susan is absolutely fantastic! A voice like an angel. God Bless you!
Posted by Cyeko on April 17, 2009
Absolutely beautiful! It is a shame you went unrecognized for so long.

I have never been an America Idol fan, but they have done a the world a favor by introducing you us...Your fans!

Can't wait for your CD!
Posted by JanMarie on April 17, 2009
I am so awed by her voice and her story. She's now on my list of heroines. I wish I could go out an buy her CD today! I have listened to her "Cry Me A River" recording numerous times already and I don't think I will ever grow tired of listening to her amazing voice.

JanMarie, USA
Posted by ogieGB on April 17, 2009
i listened to susans rendering of GRY ME A RIVER, at 1st i started to compare it to the great julie londons version, slowly i was taken over by susan.s haugting tone now i dont know which i like best . there are 1000 lucky church charity buyers out there .who if you still have the recordinng.there will be people clamering to buy it off you
Posted by Susie Que on April 17, 2009
Susan has the voice of an angel and I've never heard "Cry Me a River" sung with such perfect pitch and feeling. She's absolutely amazing.....!! Contestants on all of the talent shows pale in comparison to this lady.
Posted by Starman on April 17, 2009
We should all cry a river that this woman has surfaced from the depths. WOW!!!
Posted by Carol Holmes on April 17, 2009
Susan has a remarkable gift for mankind, Thank you for sharing this amazing voice with the world. It passed the goose bump test, big time, and I look forward to following Susan's career,and it's going to be a big one. The world is ready for her!!! Susan, you go girl!! Don't let anyone steal the dream, it's yours, run with it, and don't stop for anything!!!
Posted by lyndawilkerson on April 17, 2009
I truly loved hearing you sing. I know you sang from the heart! If Simon did not feel this, he is no judge! You are a natural please stay the way that you are! I guess your family from Scotland is very proud of you. I wished your mother could be there to see you sing! But I'm sure she witnessed your singing in Heaven! I'm glad you took the courage to do this, to show the world who you are! Bye for now, and Send my Best Wishes to you in your New Career, and Take Care! Love, Lynda from Orem, Utah
Posted by Gopal on April 17, 2009
God Bless You Susan. You are a gift from GOD. A ANGEL!!!!!!!!!!!! Count me in for your albums. I cried when I heard you sing. A true angelic voice from Heaven. We in USA are looking forward to your debut. Never heard and never will hear a crystal clear angelic voice like yours. Can't get over watching the videos on Youtube over and over again

God Bless you sweet heart.

Priscilla & Gopal
Posted by mamalilli on April 17, 2009
i am still crying tears of joy, sweet woman you are a vessel of inspiration. you have moved me in a deep way, i pray that you will continue to follow your bliss, thank you for sharing with the world your beauty and talent. blessings sweet Susan
Posted by Cherbs on April 17, 2009
Susan, I cannot express to you the healing that your unbelievable performance on "Britain's Got Talent" has brought to my heart and soul. I know well the pain of people looking at me and judging the outward appearance instead of my heart and you have given me the desire to start using my God-given talents once again. I am a 52 year old "spinster" who has a BA in vocal performance and music administration, but who because of fear of failing due to being "judged" by Christians in a very harsh manner has not sung in 24 years. I have cried every time I listen to your performance and I am so happy and thankful that you have finally been given your "time" and that you have set an example for all of us to follow our dreams. You will be in my prayers as you start your new life, please stay as unique and special as you are. I wish you the best and God Bless You! Your friend, Cheryl
Posted by LuckyRose728 on April 17, 2009
I would love to send Miss Boyle a card...does anyone know how I would address it? Thanks!
Posted by Artemisa US on April 17, 2009
WOW WOW WOW, Unbeleivable. You have a beatiful voice. This song " Cry me a river" made me cry. You are a real singer. I have no words to express how wonderful you are. Wish you good luck in your new career.

Best Artemisa
Posted by rabbit on April 17, 2009
I would love it if on a hopefully upcoming album cover of Susan's if the picture was of her singing into a hairbrush like one of the pictures I saw during a You Tube rendition of her singing, "Cry me a River." That would be a really cute, clever and yet humbling cover that would fit her well. Thanks for your consideration and thanks to God that we found Susan Boyle!
Posted by suzycarman on April 17, 2009
Posted by madcow on April 17, 2009
You are the BEST!!! There isn"t anyone to compare you to.I have watched the 2 songs available on the net over and over, you have blown every other singer away. I always enjoyed Peggy Lee, bless her soul, but when I watch you on "Cry Me A River" I just realized that you are in a league all your own, MORE=MORE=MORE. We love you, Madcow!
Posted by Elsie on April 17, 2009
Your voice (and you) are beautiful. I admire the strength you have in stepping up to that stage before so many (shallow) cynical people. On top of it, it appears you've a great sense of humor. I am very happy for you and I wish you all the best.

San Diego, California, U.S.A.
Posted by gotmaria on April 17, 2009
Ms.Boyle, Your performance was like the heavens opened and dropped down an angel with the most beautiful voice I think I've ever heard. (Other than my Mother's). Your story reminds me of my Mom. Mother sang opera and was to sing in a big opera in Germany, she got pregnant with me and couldn't sign the contract. I always feel that because of me, she didn't get her chance at fame. Who knows, maybe it wasn't meant to be. My Mother is famous in church though. :) She is blessed as you are. Bravo Susan, Bravo!!
Posted by Tyko on April 17, 2009
Ms. Boyle. Thank you. Thank you for the timing of your discovery and for being so gracious. Never change! You are an inspiration to so many of us...even though we may not even come close to your talent. I love being 50 and you show life is only begining each and everyday. Sing for all of us middle aged women!!!!
Posted by Needspeed on April 17, 2009
I canĀ“t stop crying and i know that in the future I will click on youtube and cry when ever I want
Posted by Peppe on April 17, 2009
Posted by LaurieH on April 17, 2009
Susan, you are just THE BEST!!! May God Bless and protect you!
Posted by bonnechance on April 17, 2009
Susan - you have the voice of an angel. I can't wait to hear you sing with a live orchestra backing you up. I will stand in line to buy your CD when it's released, and will buy tickets to see you live on your North American concert tour :-) See, you've given us all reasons to dream! You are such an inspiration - not just your incredible talent, but your grace and humility too. I can hardly wait to see what you will bring next to BGT (even though I have to watch it in a 3 inch x 3 inch square on my computer!). Cheers!
Posted by sydshrimper on April 17, 2009
This wonderful woman is no one-off. Just listen to her exquisitely phrased, extraordinarily sensitive rendition of "Cry Me A River", full of yearnng but never over-stated or over-sung. She sings one bar and I crumble. Why does she move us so much? I don't know. I'm in awe of her.
Thank you Susan for your sheer courage in getting on that stage and blowing away our shallow zttitudes. I love you.
Posted by lclwtl on April 17, 2009
Oh! My gosh. I just listened to "Cry Me a River" and again I did cry a river. She's heaven sent to all in this world today. I follow her every day thru her fan club and on all TV networks. Bless you my dear, may you obtain everything you heart dreams for you have surely blessed ours
Posted by Jew Bagel on April 17, 2009
This amazing woman has restored my faith in the existence of true natural talent.
Posted by Darcey on April 17, 2009
Wow Susan! I can't listen to you without crying! Your voice grabs me and won't let go! hat last line of the song, 'Life has killed the dream I dreamed', no, it hasn't! Your dream is coming true, and best of luck to you, and we here in America can't wait for your CD. You go girl!!
Posted by englishbob on April 17, 2009
this is the most amazing thing I have seen or heard for years, so much rubbish and so so singers we have had to endure on these shows but miss Boyle, you have blown all that away, your amazing, you deserve all the success you are about to get. you are a gift, I personally, and the rest of the world cannot wait to see your rise to fame and success. god bless you and thank you
Posted by englishbob on April 17, 2009
this is the most amazing thing I have seen or heard for years, so much rubbish and so so singers we have had to endure on these shows but miss Boyle, you have blown all that away, your amazing, you deserve all the success you are about to get. you are a gift, I personally, and the rest of the world cannot wait to see your rise to fame and success. god bless you and thank you
Posted by Lynn Henderson on April 17, 2009
absolutely love go girl. Age has NOTHING to do with it, if you are good, you are good and you are wonderful.....Loved listening to you. GOOD LUCK...IF YOU DON'T WIN SOMETHING IS WRONG.
Posted by gigi12 on April 17, 2009
Dear Susan your voice touch many hearts. i don t know you but your have a gift, use it well do not find any revenge for any one in your past who mocked you. just count how many people love you now. good luck sing for us. your touch are heart .Michel
Posted by scholtz on April 17, 2009
Really amazing, I was in tears. Such a gift! She will win.
Posted by Luann on April 17, 2009
I came from a small town in Pennsylvania. People were predjudice against my brother there and it was very painful. He was the most talented person. He could sing without a mic for distances. Thank you for proving to the WORLD that with age, predjudices, and negative people- you are and many are above all the ignorant people that exist against good people. We love you. My husband and I listened to Pavorotti and Elaine Paige- you are better than both. We can not wait to see you in concert in the US!! May God bless you in the most extraordinary ways!!
Posted by jamesthompson on April 17, 2009
Absolute heaven. You are wonderful.........
Posted by idaho on April 17, 2009
outstanding is tame word for such talent!!!!
was such enjoyment playing the song over and over. I sure hope we will have many cds to enjoy in the future Lovely lady.
Posted by jrland40 on April 17, 2009
I was sooooo happy to hear this song sang by my now favorite singer, I was hoping that it wouldn't be like Neal E Boyd, winner of America's Got Talent where he came out and belted an awesome song by Pavarotti but then nothing really from there. Now hearing her sing "Cry me a River" proves that she is multi-talented ! I can't wait til her 1st CD comes out...I'll be the 1st in line. Way to go Susan Boyle !!!! My husband and I Love you !!!!
Posted by InLoveWithSusan on April 17, 2009
Susan - you are wonderful! xxxxxxxxxx
Posted by D Tisserand on April 17, 2009
Susan!! Susan!! Susan!! Have you any idea of the emotion you stirred up in me when I heard you sing??????? My tears fell, listening to that most extraordinary voice of yours. I shed more tears when I checked out YouTube & heard you sing again. "Cry Me A River" had the same effect on my tear ducts. I will buy all CD's you release.
You are fantastic, Susan. Joining your fan club was a must for me to do. Do not let anyone transform you~~you are a beautiful woman!! God has blessed you in such a wonderful way.
Posted by queen_trinity on April 17, 2009
Susan is AMAZING!!!!!! I have watched the video at least 10 times now and I get goose bumps and cry everytime.
Posted by buttercup on April 17, 2009
Susan you are amazing! I had shivers all through me when I listened to your song, "I dreamed a dream. You are truly a fabulous singer. Go girl, you are going to the top!
Can't wait for your CD to come to Canada.
Posted by Lilbit on April 17, 2009
I want to wish you luck from me and my hubby. Wish we could meet you in person. Let me know if you're ever coming to Florida. You are great!!!!! We will definitely look for your CD's !!!
Posted by SAW on April 17, 2009
The Lady Can Sing!
I have listened to "Cry Me A River" and watched the video on Youtube too many times to count. In the video the expression on your are so determined! You made "I Dreamed A Dream" yours.
Posted by dinno66 on April 17, 2009
God has blessed her with an Angelic voice,and you don't have to have a look a certain way to have a dream and to acomplish it. Thank you Susan ,For allowing all who have seen or heard your voice to share a special time with us.
Posted by USA-Majority on April 17, 2009
Susan, I absolutley loved "I Dreamed A Dream" and it made me cry.... but today when I heard "Cry Me A River", I was touched even more. You have crossed all barriers starting with age, gender, race, countries. There are many that attempt to do it, but none come to mind in recent years. I am 49 years young, and I am proud to see you with all of that spunk!
Posted by joescoutt* on April 17, 2009
How can I get a copy! Your voice is lovely; I'm so happy to hear you sing.
Posted by Jackie Jones on April 17, 2009
What a beautiful voice you have. You will not only become a singing sensation the world over but you have brought to life a lot of dreams that had died long ago for millions of ordinary folks. Thank you Susan
Posted by bobo on April 17, 2009
you are beautiful as is your voice!!
Posted by Chim on April 17, 2009
I've always believed in Angels, now I've heard one. You are so beautiful in every single way. You are no longer alone, you have the world at your feet. Thank you Susan.
Posted by littlewalker on April 17, 2009
"Cry me a River" should be the next "007" theme song.
Posted by mickster on April 17, 2009
my that really her voice? its beautiful. Release an album soon Susan..remain humble as you are ..don't let fame or fortune derail you. you are simply beautiful.
Posted by helengsdlover on April 17, 2009
Dear Susan, please make a CD of show tunes,
like Phantom of the Opera, etc., and then
NAME YOUR OWN PRICE...I will pay it.
Your dreams have come true.
Posted by musicality09 on April 17, 2009
Despite "Cry Me a River" not selling that well, it's obvious that Susan has the talent and the voice.
The only other person I know who sang that song from Les Miserables is a Quebec from Montreal, Canada, Celine Dion.
In listening to Susan sing Cry Me a River, if I hadn't read a little of her background and life, I'd think she was a professional.
Tears came to my eyes when I heard you sing on CNN's Larry King tonight.
If you were on Facebook, I would definitely want to be your friend. I have known loneliness in my life too. I didn't get married until I was 31 or 32 and although I have been kissed, not the way I'd like to be. A man I met in my late 20's, a man who should have known better, he kissed me, a kiss I will always remember although the memory of the kiss...has faded now.
Posted by choi on April 17, 2009
정말 감동적이네요....굿굿~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by roArtSydneyOz on April 17, 2009
Susan, you're a star, sublime, cry me a river, I can wait for your album. Dont worry about being unemployed, you wont have time to find a job! Look forward to seeing you on stage in Australia!! You rock..
Posted by Jane on April 17, 2009
Oh MY! I LOVE Susan's rendition of "Cry Me A River." What an astounding talent. I don't even care what she sings. It's her voice. And I hope she won't change, except to do some recording. She's a lovely woman with a gift. She is reminding all of us that we don't have to be Barbie dolls to be successful in this crazy world.
Posted by SandyforClay on April 17, 2009
WOW!!! Susan - Cry Me A River was just fantastic!!
I saw your performance of I Dreamed a Dream on TV and on You Tube for that Idol Audition and it just floored me. I wish you a bright future - you deserve it!! You are wonderful. Your songs brought tears to eyes. Remember Clay Aiken; I'm sure you heard of him - he started out like you on American Idol here in the United States - he is awesome and became a star on Broadway, and your awesome.
Posted by creative ibi on April 17, 2009
wow what a voice, I am mesmerized, I keep playing it over and over. She is up there with the likes of Andre Bocelli, I hope a cd comes out, will look forward to when it does, I will play it every Saturday and Sunday morning as I do the Andrea Bocelli cd's. Music breathes life into ones'e being. I have asked my family to put a radio and sewing machine when the time comes for me. Good Luck. Creative Ibi. Melbourne Aust
Posted by tpnfl on April 17, 2009
I just listened to Cry me a River several times, and am totally astounded! So unbelievable! Susan's ability and flexibility of types of music is so remarkable. Just when I was thinking she belongs in Broadway and Carnegie Hall, she sings the blues with amazing style. It boggles my mind that no talent agent was bangin her door who heard that song in that CD. I can't wait to see and hear what more can this amazing talent can do. Just blown away with Cry Me A River, after being so mesmerize with I Dreamed a Dream. Yep, count me in line to buy several for the first CD to come. Go Susan Go! Florida Fan.
Posted by coder1 on April 17, 2009
Susan has obviously "paid it forward" by devoting her life to others. I pray that she received her reward by acheiving her dream. We can all take a lesson. Not singing lessons, but about morals and substance and purity of heart. What a God given talent and it appears that she very much deserves her place in the sun. She seems a genuine good soul and I wish her all the goodness this can bring.
Posted by flow on April 17, 2009
susan, even my teen children are astounded! my 18 yr old son said it gave him goose bumps! when i first heard your song, i swear Heaven just opened wide! and i heard the voice of an Angel!! Heavensent! God bless you with your beautiful talent!! Love you! from Alaska!
Posted by sandbass on April 17, 2009
Thank you! thank you! thank you! Thank you for sharing your beautiful voice. Words pale in comparison to the impact I felt when I heard you sing... Being a big fan of Michael Buble, I wished I could buy a CD of your music today. Good Luck and I hope to hear more from you in the future! all I can say is WOW, WOW, WOW... Thanks for blowing me away!
(oh, btw, I have never written an artist in my life... not even Michael Buble...)
Posted by maruca on April 17, 2009
No words can express the joy you have brought through my ears today. Your life will never be the same after tonight. I will pray that God will keep the wolves away from your kind hearted life . I look forward to listening to your future CD's and concertss.
PS Andrea Bocelli and you in conert together would be a dream come true for me. God Bless ,Mary C in Long Beach Ca
Posted by Greenockguy on April 17, 2009
If your concerts are going to be as addictive as your youtube video then you'll be seeing many of us at more than one concert. Pls hurry up and get the CD released. Pls stick to your words to Larry King "Why should I change?" pls don't change lassie.Your voice makes this grown man weep,and blows me away everytime I hear your sing. I channel surf the telly to see who has you on now...CNN/NBC/CBS/ABC and thats only here in the USA.Can't wait for that CD...God has already blessed you and all of us who hear you sing...David
Posted by Boomer Sooner on April 17, 2009
Susan Boyle, you move me with your voice! You are the newest sweetheart for everyone world wide. Thank you so much for moving me, and making all of us who has had the honor to hear you sing! You are an angel, a God Sent in which you have inspirted millions of people from all over the world. As and American, I will be a life long fan of yours, and last, I do hope your dreams come true. Good luck winning the competition. I will be staying in touch with your career as you take those baby steps of being a geniune SUPER STAR, in the musice businesss. I hope you never change, because you are beautiful as you are. And like many, you gave me a new outlook on life, during a time when the entire world was needing hope! Thank you so much for the gift of song you gave to all of us! You are a sure delight and someone who admires your courage!
Posted by peterojas on April 17, 2009
Amazing Honey, you are the best , I Love you,,. all the way from venezuela and Colombia,,all the love in the universe for you!!
I'll buy all your music,
and yes everything will change,, you changed already.. please Susan you never change, honey; we love you as you are.
Posted by KayEspi on April 17, 2009
Everyone has stated it all so well; you are absolutely amazing. I never get tired of watching your performance; it moves me to tears. Your rendition of "Cry me a River" is superb and flawless. Please do not change anything about yourself; you are wonderful just as you are. I WANT AN ALBUM TO BE RECORDED!! Yes, I yelled. I will buy every cd album that you record.
Posted by Magoo on April 18, 2009
Susan, You are a real life Angel, when this world has so many problems and issues it is refreshing to see something positive and refreshing as your newly discovered talent. You are absolutely AMAZING. GOD bless you today and always. Your a beautiful young woman, I like so many other people await your first record. Love from state of Texas, U.S.
Posted by TEXAS GAL on April 18, 2009
There are angels among us. God has given the world you and your angelic voice. May you continue to bring happiness and joy to everyone. May God bless your life as it will never be the same again. May the world blow kisses back to you. We love you now.
Posted by vosewife on April 18, 2009
Oh Susan, where have you been hiding. Your performance on Brittans got Talent gave me goosebumps and brought tears to my eyes (my hubby's too). You have truly touched my Soul with your beautiful voice! I so look forward to hearing more from you. You are on your way! Sending much love from Oregon, USA
Posted by diamonddave on April 18, 2009
I am just captivated by you Susan. Since seeing you online a couple days ago, I can't stop myself from watching your BGT clip and now this song...simply amazing. I can't explain how & why you've touched me. I never heard these songs before, and now you've brought them to life to me and make them real. God Bless you and may He protect you from the money wolves that surely will want to exploit you. Please stay the same.
Posted by marcus on April 18, 2009
An absolute stunning performance and such a great confidence and will power. Great woman, great singer. She has got what she deserved already all those years where many peoples knew she could sing but did not take any steps to help her doing it prefessionally.
Posted by justme53 on April 18, 2009
Dear Susan you must be giddy by all this fuss we the rest of the world are making of you but you know that saying about people hidding their light under a bussel well when you finally removed that bussel your light shone so brightly you totally out shone the sun :-)
Posted by suzy on April 18, 2009
Thank You Susan , with your voice , You make my day happy
with great respect Suzy .
Posted by besaytayri on April 18, 2009
I am addicted! Miss Boyle you have the most incredible voice, pure talent, I bet Madonna, Britney, Kylie and many more are just green with envy! I can't wait to hear much more from you, but please do not change, you are an inspiration to all of us over 40 something women, showing us that it is never too late to pursue our dreams. Thank you for sharing your gift with us all.
Posted by besaytayri on April 18, 2009
I forgot to mention that I think Pebbles is one very lucky cat, having had the privilege of listening to you over the past 10 years. When I sing, Fifi (my cat) lays down and covers her ears with her paws!
Posted by Wet Eyes on April 18, 2009
Prediction: Susan I guess when you sing for the Queen with full symphony it might be the most watch TV event in current history. God Bless you for being you!
Posted by wuzmoved on April 18, 2009
That's not Susan singing Cry Me a River.
Posted by super on April 18, 2009
Susan you are just so FANTASTIC you are truly blessed, a wonderful person to represent our country on the world stage, do not let anyone ever change you, all the best to you for the future, Simon & Piers& Amanda will look after you ............i will buy every album you produce.
Posted by CiGi on April 18, 2009
I am awestruck again! What a beautiful, clear and angelic voice you have Susan! I am sitting here thinking of songs I would love to hear you sing. Oh, how I would love to hear you sing Billie Holiday's "God Bless The Child" But then there are so many that everyone would love to hear you sing! Good luck to you forever! Please don't change in any way! We love you just the way you are! The world is your stage now, and you've been hiding for far too long! Kudos to you for having the guts to go out on that stage! Sock it to 'em girl!
Posted by SamanthaH on April 18, 2009
Im Only 15 But Susan Your A Role Model, Hun I Truly Look Up Too You! You Made The World Relise's You Shouldnt Juj A Book By The Cover! Dont Change, Always Going To Be A Fan! Hopefully You Will Win And Sing To The Queen! I Will Vote For You And I Hope You Win Babes. Your So Better Then 1/2 The Pop Stars People My Age Look Up To. And I See The Music Out Is A Lode Of A Crap. Please Produce A Album. Becuase I Will Listen Too It. Im Trying To Make My Voice Better And By Watching You Sing You've Gived Me Hope To Get Out There. Good Luck And Ill Be Writeing Alot About You x Thank You x Love You Samantha x
Posted by SamanthaH on April 18, 2009
Im Only 15 But Susan Your A Role Model, Hun I Truly Look Up Too You! You Made The World Relise's You Shouldnt Juj A Book By The Cover! Dont Change, Always Going To Be A Fan! Hopefully You Will Win And Sing To The Queen! I Will Vote For You And I Hope You Win Babes. Your So Better Then 1/2 The Pop Stars People My Age Look Up To. And I See The Music Out Is A Lode Of A Crap. Please Produce A Album. Becuase I Will Listen Too It. Im Trying To Make My Voice Better And By Watching You Sing You've Gived Me Hope To Get Out There. Good Luck And Ill Be Writeing Alot About You x Thank You x Love You Samantha x
Posted by Jai on April 18, 2009
Susan . am form Usa and watch your singing on the news ..I watched a voice of a angel you are amazing ..Never change who you are, You are beautifully just the way you are ..Gos\\\d gave you a gift ..And he gave you a gift to sing like a angel ..if you ever make a C .I will be the first one to buy it ..there is no doubt in my mind here..your just amazing ..And Simon thinks so to lol ..Thank you for a blessing
Posted by Takahiro23 on April 18, 2009
It is said that God gifted people with voices of angels to fill this silent world with music...Susan definitely has one celestial melody in her...It never fails to bring me into tears everytime I listen and watch her clip..truly a rare gift.Goodluck and Godspeed Susan!!! You alrady have a fan here in the Philippines!!! cant wait to have your Cd!!!
Posted by sylk on April 18, 2009
I will buy anything you put out. I adore you already, and cannot wait to see where your dreams take you!!
Posted by redbird on April 18, 2009
Congratulations Susan! Thanks for sharing your beautiful voice with the world. We need more beautiful people like you to promote world peace. Can't wait to see you on the Oprah show. Your loving Mom must be looking down on you, and she's extremely proud of you. May God continue to shower you with his greatest blessings! Lots of love!
Posted by nancylg on April 18, 2009
When Susan Boyle walked on to that stage I was one of the persons laughing, But when she started singing it brought tears to my eyes, what a god given great voice she has.
Her life is about to change.... Go Susan, your the Best.
Posted by desert rose on April 18, 2009
"Cry Me a River" was absolutely perfect! You are the most hidden treasure God has purposed to reveal for the people who have talents/skills/gifts from Him and no hope that they will ever be able to reveal them...we have hope now! Susan, you are an incredible and powerful force that He is going to use in these days of economical upheaval...thank you for your shine!!!! We will all dream WITH you...and I cannot wait for your first album to be released! You are a success already, my dear! Love in!
Posted by gartenkunst on April 18, 2009
You are invited: :)
Posted by gartenkunst on April 18, 2009
You are invitet:
Posted by gw on April 18, 2009
Posted by gloria on April 18th, 2009.
Susan, you are not only blessed with a beautiful voice,
but you are real in every sense of the word. You are beautiful and I wish you every happiness.
Posted by Riaan Grobler on April 18, 2009
I'm from South Africa and we can't watch Britain's got Talent but we've heard about Susan Boyle! I've watch the clip on you tube A LOT of times!!!!! She changed my mind about the future. Dreams CAN become real! Good luck Susan, you are rocking the world! Can't wait to get a copy of your first cd.
Posted by Sailynn on April 18, 2009
A rare jewel from a small village in Scotland has touched the world with her beautiful voice. What a privilege for all of us who are touched by the beauty of music. There are millions of words being expressed by millions of people who have contributed to millions of "hits" on YouTube. But beyond all the numbers, there is a current of 'excitement' circling the globe now that hasn't been felt for a very long time, if ever!
The world embraces you, Susan, and the world awaits... for more of that magic that comes from your singing. May we all enjoy your incredible voice for years to come! The best of wishes to you from here in Ohio.
Posted by zaponin on April 18, 2009
Susan...You have not only a beautiful and natural voice but you can also sing naturally and wonderfully.Your performance is so inspiring.You made me cry when I heard you singing.Unbelievable indeed!!!!
Posted by yobi39 on April 18, 2009
when you come to Pittsburgh (i pray)i will be there with my towel ready to cry ---an i mean that in a good way you bring me to tears--your just so great much love mary lou
Posted by smiles on April 18, 2009
Susan, you are a true blessing to me! I heard you for the first time today and I still have goose bumps! When you do a US concert I want to know where and when because I will be one of the first to purchase tickets. You go for the gusto girl, cuz I tell you what....You have theeeeeee most amazing voice I have ever heard in my whole life! What a blessing you are from God and what he gave you! I cannot wait to hear you again...hurry and get that first cd out!!! I want it!!! You brought tears to my eyes...I keep playing your video's over and over..:)
Posted by dana_62 on April 18, 2009
I love the touch of Irish brough she puts into her singing, it's a wonderful way to make each song her own.
Posted by dana_62 on April 18, 2009
I meant Scottish...sorry :-) eeeps
Posted by calgaryfan on April 18, 2009
you're a class act, all the way
Don't let them change you
Canadians love you........continued great success
see you here in Calgary on your world tour
Posted by Becky on April 18, 2009
My hope is that Susan Boyle will teach us all a lesson. Too many wonderful people with fantastic talents and tales to tell are passed by each day without a second look. We all suffer because of it...all those songs, the poems, the stories, the intelligence and the experiences are never heard because someone is older, someone is not Cosmopolitan Cover perfect, someone is in a wheelchair...we are missing so much that would enrich our lives if we would simply stop for a moment and listen.
Posted by Bocar on April 18, 2009
I have never before commented on, voted for or in any way interacted with "stars" or talent. It is not very likely I ever will again. Susan Boyle has mass star appeal because we each would like to think we have a unique or special quality that makes us individually exceptional. Of course, I don't worry about hearing Miss Boyle again - Many ANGELS in Heaven sing equally as well.
Posted by DK on April 18, 2009
WOW.... Susan, to state the obvious, you are on your way to the top. How in the world a fabulous voice like yours has been hidden for so long is a mystery. I hope your new fame brings you everything you have wished for.
Posted by KGriffith on April 18, 2009
Susan, every time I listen to your BEAUTIFUL voice it just brings tears to my eyes, there are no words to describe your talent, thank you for sharing it with the world. God Bless You!!!! I can't wait to hear more!!
Posted by THEMOMMA48 on April 18, 2009
Posted by nodnal on April 18, 2009
at 57 yrs. old not much bring a tear to my eye, but that voice did . love it.
Posted by Sandollalrz on April 18, 2009
Susan, hurry and make a CD! Sing anything! Sing the phone book! Whatever songs make you happy! Just give us more, more, more! We love you and your voice is phenomenal. I especially loved the look you put on all those smug faces in the audience and judges when you went on with Simon and Piers. You showed them....and my!!!! Best wishes and thank you for having the courage to share your gift with the world.
Posted by maartelang on April 18, 2009
I can't wait for your CD to come out so that I can buy it. :) I love your voice. It's so pure and true. :) May God continue to bless you as you are a blessing to me and a lot of people as the messages on here show.
Posted by gb on April 18, 2009
Cry Me A River just cemented the fact that you are the real thing. God has blessed you with a lovely voice. Am so happy for you and for the rest of the world that we can share with you your God given gift. CONGRATULATIONS and please do not change who you are. I hope Simon Cowell who is planning to produce you will do good by you. Because the record business is not a safe place to be in if not handled properly. God Bless Susan. Can't wait to dl your songs to my ipod.
Posted by Howie on April 18, 2009
If your ever in Florida and want to do Kareoke with me a 64 year old, I would be overwhelmed and my wife would not mind.
You go Girl, Your Dream is now reality.
You don't even now have to win, but I think you are already a cinch to win!

A Kareoke nut at 64!
Peace to You!
Posted by dukeymom on April 18, 2009
Dear Susan,
You are amazing! I agree with Piers. You have a glorious voice, and I am so happy that your first CD was for charity. You are an inspiration. I join others in congratulating you for your willingness to let God be in charge. I wish you many blessings that you can continue to glorify God in all you do.
Posted by Jillb on April 18, 2009
I sit with tears streaming down my face as I react to the stunning depth of emotion with which this soulfully beautiful woman sings. I am humbled, startled by my own feelings, lingering on every note, wanting it to never end. You go, Susan. You are the most inspiring person I have ever seen or heard. You are God's gift to us all in this very trying time. My heartfelt love to you. Please stay just as you are and never give in to those who would change you. You are perfect exactly as you are.
Posted by SamanthaH on April 18, 2009
love u
Posted by Whitetail on April 18, 2009
You and Paul are so gifted! I'm from a small town Ragley Louisiana. It really bothered me to see how you were treated when you came out and introduced yourself! Then you never let it bother you and you blew them away! I'm so excited for you! Your such a beautiful bright light in a darkened world for some! You take peoples mind off of their troubles for a while! WHAT A BLESSING YOU ARE!
Posted by sally ann r on April 18, 2009
susan, you are soo awsome and truely are blessed with a beautiful voice just listening for a few minutes!
I think youre just truely a beautiful person all the way around and its good to know you are a GOD believing person
Posted by Expressions on April 18, 2009
Wonderful! you are working with your passion for singing!
It shows through so beautiful! Your a great role model for everyone!God Bless you!Lemaire
Posted by LynnHutch on April 18, 2009
Susan on CRY ME A RIVER... is UNREAL!!! It is like she has been singing jazz and blues her whole life!.. Her voice quality and breadth of interpretation is so vast, she is able to render anything from opera, to musicals, to jazz ... She is one of those rare masters of many trades. I hope she signs up to record jazz standards..

Posted by pjk on April 18, 2009
Today I needed some inspiration and, Susan, your wonderful voice and personality brought that to me. May your future be bright and shining. I will look forward to your 'dream' CD and treasure it forever. What joy you bring - all the best to you from an exiled Scot. Pat
Posted by ViDi on April 18, 2009
Dear Susan, you ARE a winner already because you have won so many hearts around the world. God bless you and help you in this fresh start of your life. Impatiently waiting for your new recordings fan from Lithuania.
Posted by tinker on April 18, 2009
I have listened several times to your performance and each time the hair has stood up on the back of my neck.
Your voice is a gift-and you know it. When you said, before you stepped on stage, that you were going to "rock" the judges, you knew you were going to do exactly that. In a world of shallowness and celluloid you, Susan, are the real deal, May celebrity never change you, and may you enjoy unbridled success. You are so deserving of it. From Canada, all the best!!!!
Posted by bluebell44 on April 18, 2009
Gosh, is their anything Susan cannot sing. What a wonderful voice. I am looking forward to hearing her sing again.
Posted by cohibakid on April 18, 2009
Can I be the first boy to kiss you, I think your singing is off the charts, congrats my love. I am ready to buy anything you produce.
Posted by Scott111184 on April 18, 2009
I will be one of the first in line for your CD release Susan. If you can ever make it to the U.S. for a concert it would be an honor to hear you sing live!
Posted by dallastexas on April 18, 2009
Wow, your voice is naturally beautiful! No need for technical revision... You are blessed with a voice that can touch millions of people. The voice of an angel that can fill people with emotion. Thank you for sharing your gift with the world... Love the cry me a river track...
Posted by Joanna - Poland,Zawadzkie on April 18, 2009
You are right my friends. I never heard this kind of voice.I`m from Poland.I find this film and I`m in a big shock. I was very unhappy when I saw Simon`s eyes and face when he was talking with Susan in BGT. He was laughing, because for him the good look was more important .The look isn`t important for unusual people,like Susan. I will wait, when the great Susan`s talent broke him on his knees.
We don`t be shame for tears.Tears are the sign, that our hearts are open for real art.With best regards Joanna-Poland, west-south part of PL,little town
Posted by yoy on April 18, 2009
Susan, you have an Angelic voice. We watced your performance on youtube many times and are waiting for your CD. Best of luck
Posted by J on April 18, 2009
Susan Boyle deserves so much more than just this recognition she is receiving for her beautiful voice. Her courage & determination is admirable & should serve as a mentoring role for those that have never had the venue or opportunity to "try" at something they are so passionate about. Susan is obviously an exceptional & gorgeous spirit, that has now been given an open door to shine in life & move forward to the other half of a very differnt living than what she experienced during the first 47 years. Bravo Susan. You are an inspiration & you deserve all good things.
Posted by moonbeam on April 18, 2009
What a talent and what a gift to all of us you are Susan. I hope you don't get overwhelmed by all of the attention. It can be very crushing. Sending you love, support and prayers. Bless your sweet heart!
Posted by Pepon on April 18, 2009
It was really amazing seeing you in BGT. So humble, so powerful, so unassuming, so impeccable, so simple, so awesome. Since you started singing, I wanted to hear the judges opinions, but I did not want your song to end. God bless you! You have a one-of-a-king voice, so personal, so expressive. I pray for many years of success! You certainly deserve it! Godspeed!
Posted by shersher on April 18, 2009
Posted by brokenheart on April 18, 2009
your voice gives me the image of another woman. young and beautiful. yet its yours. the beauty within. you are truly a voice of love and hope. in a time of dispair. she can sell 'cry me a rivera' for twice what they sold in england. here in the states. you are fanastic. and i hate that program that found you. but you truly are the needle in the hay stack. so sing from the heart and beware the devil. who wants to own your soul. your voice inchanted me. angel or demon. time will tell.
Posted by Ladybug5005 on April 18, 2009

May you find the love of your life ~ someone that loves you for You ~ and may you find the joy that you have given all of us.

God Bless
Posted by Maisy on April 18, 2009
Why has this woman NOT been discovered? If she sang "Cry Me A River" in 1999 for a charity CD, did NO ONE HEAR THIS WOMAN? Her talent is phenomenal!! You would think that SOMEONE would have sent a tape of her voice to SOME radio station!! I am completely baffled by this!! Susan, you rock, sweetheart and the BEST to you!!!!!!!!!
Posted by mountain man on April 18, 2009
I am speechless I have a love of clean clear singing and nobody can touch you, full speed ahead and I don't think you'll have a problem getting a record deal know. Just don't let the managers, agent's or the industry in general ruin you.
Posted by Maisy on April 18, 2009
Oops....wanted to mention that I looked at Ella Fitzgerald's version and Barbara Streisand and Julie London's version of "Cry Me A River" and Susan's version is far more heart-wrenching. You can FEEL her pain as she sings it................ROCK ON, SUSAN
Posted by Maisy on April 18, 2009
Susan - You are obviously an intelligent woman who is not a "publicity seeker". As far as your dinner date with Piers goes, keep in mind that he is looking to remain in the public NOT let him use you....but you are smart enough to know that............Shame on him for trying to hitch a ride on your star.........Be very, very picky, Susan. You are a special, beautiful person, and your "Prince in Shining Armor" is out there...........
Posted by MJ from USA on April 18, 2009
CBS News (usa) just had an interiew with Amanda Holden and they played Susan's 1999 charity song, "I Cried a River" and her answer was, "NO WAY! No way."

Holden was dazzled.

"She has the voice of an angel," Holden said. "The quality of her voice is - it's so clear. It's so pitch-perfect and there's that kind of real chocolate velvet-ness to it."
Posted by MushMick on April 18, 2009
Susan's singing is flawless in this preformance. I would love to see her sing this one on stage. "My God, What A Voice". Susan, Sending You Love from Pennsylvania USA
Posted by mrsbutler2000 on April 18, 2009
I can not express how impressed I am with Susan! She is a prime example of how beauty is not always just physical. Some of the most beautiful people I know would never turn a head with their physical presence...keep up the awesome work. You are an inspiration to millions - I watch you sing at least twice a day!!! I can not quit raving about you to all of my friends and family!!!
Posted by uruguayita on April 18, 2009
Susan, you were already a winner! Uruguayita from Sydney-Australia.
Posted by Urinetown on April 18, 2009
How did she not get a record deal back in '99! Her voice is beautiful
Posted by yus prinandy on April 18, 2009
Miss Boyle, we need people like you nowadays... please come to Indonesia and let us give biggest hug ever.... you're definitely amazing... we love you
Posted by FLARET on April 18, 2009
I think that Susan is fantastic...I have watched and listened to her about 100 times so far...cant get enough of her...If she doesnt end up singing to the

I cant get enough of her...she was fantastic...I have watched and listened to her sing about 50 times or more.
I put my email of her into my DRAFTS so I can click on it when every I want...and thats everytime I am on my computer. If she doesnt end up singing for the queen there is something wrong...GOOD LUCK SUSAN

Posted by Cat-holic on April 18, 2009
I just listened to Susan singing "Cry Me a River." WOW!!!! I love her voice so much. Her voice is so pure and lovely and perfect. I want more! Please release a CD soon.
Posted by gennysgrandma on April 19, 2009
Forget Elaine Page, You'll go farther than she ever thought of. Your voice is one in a million!! And a true gift from God. Hope you do a cd of great Hymns.Look forward to buying your music.
Posted by elaineaz on April 19, 2009
Wow! What an extraordinarily beautiful voice you have. I would love to buy your albums. Please don't stop singing for us!
Posted by djvani on April 19, 2009
djvani from macedonia:I absolutely love this woman! she has a real talent and she knew she had it, even though the audience could have easily put her off with all their stereotypical remarks. Her voice is gorgeous and I hope we see more of her on the live shows!
Posted by dorienunes on April 19, 2009
You have the voice of a thousand angels. To hear such a gift is truly a blessing. I majored in music in college, and not ONCE did I hear anything so pure. It has been an honor to hear your gorgeous voice. I cannot wait for you to record something else so I can share it with my children. Thank you.
Posted by Rafeltje on April 19, 2009
Susan, you're voice is giving me the chills... What a voice, so very very beautiful.
Posted by LynfromSA on April 19, 2009
Lyn from South Africa here - Susan I get goosebumps every time I hear you sing - what a wonderful voice! You show the world what you can do - I'll buy your cd's!!!!
Posted by ZeldaZimmerman1971 on April 19, 2009
Susan, Please release a CD soon. You have the voice of an angel. I am sick and tired of these sleazy, cheezy people who cannot sing, but somebody told them they can. You have proven to us all about what real talent, real beauty and inspiration truly is. I have never ever heard in my life such an ethereal voice. God Bless you, but guess what? He already has!!! You have also proven to us there really is a GOD.
Posted by aubitang on April 19, 2009
There are so many women that live in the margins of our society that are purposely held in contempt just by their presents, like Susan Boyle. When she wanted to sing for Britain Has Talent, the crowd acted resentful that she even dared to enter the contest just because her looks. It made me cry because it has happened to me all my life. I really wish people could look beyond someone size and odd looks and truly find the worth in every person.

I hope she can make a difference in the way the beautiful people treat the rest of us.
Posted by Flowergirl on April 19, 2009
Wonderful!! You gave me chills with I have a Dream. I have never heard Cry me a river done with more feeling. You are beautiful in and out. I can't wait until you release a CD. You have a wonderful gift!
Posted by kcyankee on April 19, 2009
Can't wait for your first CD - thank you for sharing your gift with the world! You are just what we need right now (and, hopefully, for many many years to come)
Posted by Dr Gary on April 19, 2009
There's an Op Ed article in the Sunday Los Angeles Times on Susan. The writer is way too verbose, but generally a good article.

Joy is difference between expectation and reality. I think that's what Susan has given us - joy, a rare experience these days. Thank you, Susan
Posted by on April 19, 2009
Its trully amazing. This is Teguh from NYC.
I couldnt stop to hear your voice...very beautiful and so pure.
Posted by Sweet Corriander on April 19, 2009
We saw you on TV and wow, you really are the real deal. Long may you continue. Hope with all our hearts that you find whatever it is that you are searching for and that on the way you continue to sing with that truly amazing voice of yours. You are so special!
Posted by tango on April 19, 2009
There are very few "magical" moments in life, listening to your voice is definitely one of them. I confess I was not brought to tears, instead I was in awe of your talent and please don't change the way you look and act because they are YOU. In these difficult times you have lifted the spirits of millions of people and will continue to do so.
Best of Luck to a very special lady.
Posted by MsLowman on April 19, 2009
OMG!!! as soon as you utter the frist words to the song I was touch by something unexplainable, you are trutly Gifted, you have the Gift of singing, thank you for not giving up on your dreams. Cant wait for the C.D.
Posted by hyles on April 19, 2009
Susan, you are simply incredible. I will be in line to buy your CD~~Your voice is angelic, brings happy tears to me eyes as I listen!!! All the Best to you!!
Posted by melzabeth on April 19, 2009
Susan, I was so blessed and encouraged by your singing. Each time I listen to the clip I get goose bumps and tear up. You sing from your heart and with such power. After the first four notes of the song, I believe everyone in the audience and the judges knew they were watching someone they could truly admire. There is no pretense in you.
Posted by Deborah21 on April 19, 2009
Susan Boyle has a definite God-given voice. She IS an angel. Don't change one thing about her. I am waiting for her first album.
Posted by pierre spunique on April 19, 2009
I have known all my life that there are many people who are truly gifted with god given talent who are overlooked because they do not possess what the entertainment industry considers star potential. The world is worse off for this as so many would be giants go unrecognized. To see Susan Boyle bring tears to the eyes of so many, myself included, with the shear sound of her voice was life affirming. Perhaps the general public will learn to make room for the less glamorous among us who really have something extraordinary to share. Good luck to you Susan. I hope all your dreams come true!
Posted by marianne1952 on April 19, 2009
This rendition of the song by far superior to all others out there.
It is so beautiful and sung effortlessly.
Posted by marianne1952 on April 19, 2009
Pebbles is very fortunate to have an owner with such an incedible instrument! First row seating every day!
Posted by Singing Lady on April 19, 2009
Susan, I loved hearing you sing "I Dreamed a Dream." You have such a marvelous voice and such a talent for expressng yourself through music!!!!! I hope you can now realize your dream of becoming a professional singer!
Singing Lady (Margaret)
Posted by Lockette on April 19, 2009
Wow an even better recording voice, cant wait for ur album Susan!!!
Posted by Aldo222 on April 19, 2009
I never knew a singer could make you cry, but that is exactly what I do when I hear Susan, it is just so absolutely beautiful, just like an angel singing to us. This is the most beautiful version I have ever heard in my whole life.
Posted by dot48 on April 19, 2009
She is simply amazing! She is like an angel. WOW. How could talent like that be so overlooked for so long.
Posted by MsMouse705 on April 19, 2009
WOW! WOW! WOW! What a voice! Yes, Susan, you brought tears to my eyes too. There is so much great unheard of talent in the world, I am so glad that you are no longer unheard. You are absolutely phenomenal. Thank you for letting the world hear you. You are a joy and I feel privileged.
Posted by camillecarter on April 19, 2009
Susan...I second what so many have said...what an INCREDIBLE voice..and WHAT an incredible person you are...please don't let them GLAMORIZE are fantastic the way you are...I have watched the BGT video over and over and cry every time even weep as I smile and laygh.It brings joy...I am always amazed at what beauty God places in ordinary places,and at what an incredilbe blessing that've touched that magic again...thank you
Posted by lkoughn on April 19, 2009
Thank you Susan for a lovely performance can't wait for your first CD. Good luck and God bless you.
Posted by ogieGB on April 19, 2009
moral to the story is susan is reaping her just rewards. the bullys can get back in the gutter where they belong .
Posted by StarSusanBoyleDotCom on April 19, 2009
Susan Boyle is the greatest singer I have ever heard... hands down!!! I cannot put into words how much she means to me. I will be auctioning off my domain name: starsusanboyledotcom in the next couple of weeks. I hope and pray that the buyer will be someone who can gainfully promote her career. I LOVE YOU SUSAN BOYLE!!! YOU ARE A WORLD CHAMPION!!!
Posted by Noraine on April 19, 2009
Susan every time I listen to you sing, i'am truly touched
Not only because of the lyrics in the songs, but your voice is truly heaven sent. Reminds me of Judy Garland singing in the Movie "Wizard of Oz".

Can't wait to her more from you.
Posted by Sarinda on April 19, 2009
OMG! Whatever made me think I could sing? I guess I was just croaking in the shower! Susan - Now YOU can SING! Please - put out a CD soon!!! Your voice is heavenly!
Posted by Sarinda on April 19, 2009
Oh yes - one more thing.... Are there any other gems tucked away somewhere for the world to hear??
Posted by Christy on April 19, 2009
What an amazing voice you have, Susan. God bless and keep you. I am so glad you have found success and your dream is coming true! Both "I Dreamed a Dream" and "Cry Me A River" are among my favourite songs. Sign me up for that first CD, and you are welcome to stay at our house, should you ever wish to visit the US and the beautiful Pacific Northwest ..
Posted by Pamdybear on April 19, 2009
Please stay true to who you are, remembering where you came from and how you got where you are. The point I'm trying to make Susan is this--your voice is beautiful and when you sing, it comes from your soul not your vocal chords. Please don't allow anyone to change a thing to make you more marketable. May God continue to bless you.
Posted by DWV on April 19, 2009
This is the real Suddenly Susan. I do believe she will record and sell many CD's. There are not that may singers on our planet that can evoke tears. We get more than a beautiful voice from Susan we get her heart and soul as well. In this world of superficiality, and inflated egos without talent, we witnessed a spell binding songstress that evoked tears like Cry Me a River. How fitting.
Posted by LEG on April 19, 2009
WOW!! I'd be willing to bet if some how the license of this CD could be obtained quickly, it would be a million seller and be Susan's first platnium record!!! I bet Simon is already two steps a head of us!!
Posted by LEG on April 19, 2009
Up until I heard Susan's recording of Cry Me A River, the only other singer who I felt did the song justice was American singer Crystal Gayle...the one with the long hair and had "Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue" hit. Hum...I'd love for Susan and Crystal to record this song as a duet!!!!!
Posted by DivaDream on April 19, 2009
When I first heard Susan sing the "Les Miz" ballad, I cried my eyes out and fell in love with her exquisite voice, superb musicality and emotional honesty; however, her rendition of "Cry Me a River" is actually even better! For one thing, it's a much better piece of music (sorry, Andrew Lloyd Weber fans, but that's my HO); for another thing, a jazzy, intimate song offers a singer much more opportunity to show interpretive subtlety than a big theatrical ballad, and Susan's musical intelligence and vocal grace is just astonishing on this clip.
Posted by pluto73 on April 19, 2009
I was watching the news when Susan was singing and I am hooked. Susan, you need to record some CDs for people like all that you have touched with your amazing voice. The waiting is over and your dream came true. God rest your mother's soul for pushing you into living your dream. Good luck and thank you for finally breaking those stupid standards of fake talent wrapped in nice packaging; the real talent is finally discovered! THANK YOU FOR THE TEARS OF JOY EVERY TIME WHEN LISTENING TO YOU! America loves you!
Posted by hrdrck48 on April 19, 2009
In this world of prepackaged pulchritude it is so refreshing to hear authentic, pure, innocence coming out of the mouth of someone who has held onto her dream. Congratulations!
Posted by Antonetta on April 19, 2009
Where has she been all these years??? Someone has to get her voice recorded. That voice needs to be heard!! Its almost as if every beautiful song ever composed in history has been waiting all this time for her to be discovered so that she could sing it!! I'm not exaggerating - I have never heard a more beautiful voice. A voice of an angel. Record producers do you hear that? Broadway, do you hear that?
Posted by sydshrimper on April 19, 2009
Having listened to other versions since hearing Susan,they do not begin to compare with her for conveying the yearning and vulnerability of this beautiful song. Thanks to Susan we may be starting to realise what is really important in life and it certainly isn't looks, power and money. People want real substance in artists now, someone to touch their very souls not heavily boxtoxed manufactured emphemera. I pray that Suaan is protected from exploitation. She is the sister I never had and anyone who hurts her hurts us all. Can't wait to hear more.
Posted by ljc on April 19, 2009
I can't get her voice out of my mind. I don't normally buy music, and haven't played any for awhile, but I have to have whatever album she puts out. She brought tears to my eyes and a deep down good feeling inside that I haven't felt from a singer before.
Posted by on April 19, 2009
Oh,Susan your voice touched my Soul.A touch of heaven
Susan. I have never heard such an angelic voice.I cried,
your voice went deep into my soul.What a blessing I have received.It felt like jewels from heaven flowing into my inner being.There is hardly humanly anyway to explain it.
Posted by on April 19, 2009
Oh,Susan your voice touched my Soul.A touch of heaven
Susan. I have never heard such an angelic voice.I cried,
your voice went deep into my soul.What a blessing I have received.It felt like jewels from heaven flowing into my inner being.There is hardly humanly anyway to explain it.
Posted by BB on April 20, 2009
SUSAN SUSAN.....So good they named you twice!!!! Your rendition of Cry me a River is the BEST I have ever heard!! Sublime!!! A voice that touches the inner core of everyone who hears it. I just cannot wait to hear more of your amazing talent, and WHO is the orchestra playing on this track.....they are fabulous!!! Sending you love and wishing you happiness and success which you so deserve, enjoy every moment. Be happy!!
Posted by kut on April 20, 2009
ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!! The way things are in the world today, it was SOOOO very refreshing to see you sing and I know you are a bright spot in this world! Your voice gave me chills and brought a tear to my eye. I wish you all the best that life has to offer you and GOOD FOR YOU for going for what your dream has been. Best wishes from the U.S.A!
Posted by Renee on April 20, 2009
Susan,you continue to spread around this troubled world & bring hope to all who have a dream.You have been overlooked for so long ,I would like to see the faces of those judges that rejected you 10 years ago..WHERE WERE THEIR EARS???
Obviously they were in the wrong job.Enjoy your dream Susan & do not change .We love you just as you are.Your sweetness & gentleness are shown in your eyes,your smile & the sound you project.
Best Wishes from Canada
Posted by pbue7 on April 20, 2009
ABSOLUTELY the best I have heard should have been discovered years ago...I first heard your name 1 week ago and now you are the talk of everyone ,everywhere. I listened to you sing ,cry me a river, and ,(I did )brought real tears to my eye's you are are awesome! good luck in the future ,although I do not think you need it, your voice speaks for itself....hope to hear much more of you.GOD BLESS....U.S.A.
Posted by Johnie on April 20, 2009
Susan, what an inspiration. I post this as one of the millions of new American fans. There are few words to describe your voice, performance and soul moving personal demeanor. One day you finally knew what you had to do and began with the voice of an angel. May God bless the rest of you life.
Johnie Vereen, Mayor, Town of Oak Island, NC.
Posted by Natlie on April 20, 2009
I listen to you every day and to crying! My God, with what soul you sing. All modern stars are empty and worthless! I wait for your songs, new songs. Do not change itself, that fire which is in you... It supports us! You have appeared, as from a fairy tale! I wish your of good luck, light and love.

Sing! Sing always!

Thanks you! Many thanks for this clear voice, for light of love in your singing.

With love from Russia:)
Posted by laughingknight on April 20, 2009
I want to hug Susan and tell her how much I enjoy her singing. I'm so glad she had the courage to step out onto that stage!
Posted by cjc6 on April 20, 2009
when i still had doubts about her singing ability due to the short 2-minute of her exposure in BGT, i was totally gobsmacked after i checked out her 'CRY ME A RIVER' charity CD.
people, dear people in this world, plz i beg of you to 'LISTEN' to her 'CRY ME A RIVER' where there was no video, no hype, no interference, just her voice, then judge for yourself if she is a sensation.
thank GOD for Susan BOYLE's voice. mind you i'm an agnostic generally!
P.S.: at first i dared not listen to that CD fearing her 'I DREAMED A DREAM' was a fluke & i'll get disappointed.
then i risked it.
and my initial fear was 10 fold rewarded
Posted by justrishere on April 20, 2009
GOD BLESS YOU SUSAN! Susan's voice absolutely chokes me up! I've never heard anything so beautiful and moving. It truly is a privilege to hear her sing. Susan, when will you be touring in The States?!
Posted by Elmie on April 20, 2009
What a blessing! Thanks sooooo very much to the Daily Record for their discovery of Susan's recording of "Cry Me A River." My PC a few days ago wouldn't play well this song of Susan or any other recordings, but just now, it gave me a most wonderful time as I finally listened to it. Susan, your voice is pure, angelic, and you sang so effortlessly. I can't wait to have your album which I will play all day long. I love your voice, and I love you!

Warmest regards
from Western Australia

Posted by webbiloba on April 20, 2009
Susan .... Please consider carefully before singing Whistle Down the Wind. It lacks the thrill factor you project so well, and could go down like a lead balloon. PS: I managed to convert your Youtube versions of I Dreamed a Dream and Cry me a River to CD, played it while driving to golf, and had to pull into a layby as I was almost blinded by tears. (Soppy 72 year-old basso cantante.)
Posted by Maggieann on April 20, 2009
Guess I have listen to Susan's song's on YouTube about 75 times sense learning of her. I Could listen all day really. I hope she does recordings soon. Susan you are great. What a lovely voice.
Posted by jadeydarling on April 20, 2009
jade from singapore here. susan your voice is amazing. clear & fantastic. kudos to you!!
Posted by kcwow on April 20, 2009
I don't believe I have ever heard a voice as pure as yours. There is no way anyone could listen to you sing and not be touched. You are an inspiration to our world. How lucky we were to be able to hear you sing. I can't wait until you first album comes out. Which songs will you choose?!!! Oh, the possibilities are endless. Don't ever stop doing what you are doing. Love and best wishes from West Palm Beach, FL. P. S. My dog, Bear, sends his love to your precious kitty!!!
Posted by gaylo on April 20, 2009
Absolutely fantastic !! You put tears of joy in my eyes instantly!!! We love you sooooo much! Never keep this gift to yourself again. We've been waiting for YOU!
Posted by Allikat on April 20, 2009
Ohmygosh! Someone on eBay has put up a copy of the same Millennium Celebration CD 'Cry Me a River' is on--it was up to $918 (which I guess is around 459 British pounds?) with only 18 bids, and has 5 days, 2 hours to go...only wish I could afford to bid on it, Susan. I LOVE the way you sing this song!
Posted by Renee on April 21, 2009
Good Morning Susan,
Each morning I listen to "I Dreamed A Dream" I never tire of hearing your angelic voice!!!I hope you are enjoying your new popularity as much as your fans are..I agree with your comments to remain grounded & be cautious & please remain the sweet,gracious & modest lady you are with lots of fire & spirit.Have a lovely day.
Fan in Canada.
Posted by micktgnyc on April 22, 2009
Ms. Boyle, at a time when people are struggling with so many difficulties, you come out and remind us what true beauty really is! Thank you! I'll be using the youtube video to show my students and remind them, it's never to late to dream and even those you think of as unlikely, can be full of tremendous gifts! I'd buy an recording of yours anyday! Good luck!
Posted by joroma on April 23, 2009
I hope that Susan does produce an album of songs that she loves,and wouldnt it be something if she could put this all together and have the Royal Philamonic Orchestra accompanying her.Heres to Susan
Posted by webbiloba on April 24, 2009
Check out "The Touch of the Master's Hand" on Google ... interesting parallel.
Posted by phoxee on April 24, 2009
Would all you people with tin ears spare us your insipid comments about Susan's singing ability and, no, you haven't heard better. Not only is her voice incredible, she has a genius for phrasing that floors me and no one has even mentioned it. One of Frank Sinatra's main concerns in his singing was his phrasing and ,in this, he was unsurpassed. After hearing her sing Cry Me a River and Killing Me Softly, I believe her ability is as good as it gets. The phrasing sets the tone for how you want the words to come across. When she sings "told me love was too plebeian." the word plebeian sounds insulting. When Julie London (who I absolutely love) sings it, it sounds like an big word she just learned. Following that Susan hit a rhythm that accentuates " YOU were THOUGH with ME" almost in contempt and that really sets up her next line "now say you love me" with an incredulous air. My point is you should listen carefully to her phrasing, because she's a bloody genius at it!
Posted by sheepkeeper on April 27, 2009 Can't get over this voice. Its unbelievable. This rendition is totally phenomenal. If Susan does not win the competition then there is no justice or recognition of true talent in this world! I'll be following Susan's career carefully and watching her conquer the world with that wonderful voice.
Posted by eagleflight on April 28, 2009
Posted by eagleflight on April 25,2009 Susan Boyle is the only artist I have ever joined a fanclub of. Her awesome performance has touched my heart, given me inspiration, and left me shaking. I can't hear her enough! I would love to see a movie of her life. She is the kind of lady you want to have living next door to. THANK YOU SUSAN. YOU'VE ALREADY WON!
Posted by AMAZENMOON on April 30, 2009
Posted by estella bachman on May 05, 2009
Susan Boyle,
Everyone loves you now! You have made us love you and music again. I gave up listening to music, now I love to listen to it once again after hearing your inspiring rendition of I Dreamed a Dream. Keep singing for us, Susan. Sincerely, Carolyn
Posted by RubyRose on May 05, 2009
I hadn't listened to this genre of music for probably 25 years until I heard Susan sing I Dreamed a Dream. She rekindled my interest in an instant. There's something compelling in her voice and you want more, more, more.
Posted by NZMaid on May 24, 2009
Susan, What a voice, one you could listen to over and over I for one will be waiting for a CD. YOU GO GIRL
Posted by Maria-Elisabeth on May 25, 2009
Like all others I can only say: I cant wait for the CD! SOOO WONDERFUL! At last someone who sings "from the heart"!!! Very rare!!!!
Posted by eagleflight on May 31, 2009
Posted by ryelee on May 31, 2009
Susan, come across the big pond and we will make you the toast of New York city. Not since Ethel Mermen graced the streets of Broadway has such a voice echoed in our theaters, we are waiting.
Posted by santos on June 01, 2009
How you doing? If you are in Lincoln, Nebraska please come to St. Mary's and sing for me and the church. I just love to hear your voice. I have listen to your song every chance I get. You have a wonderful voice and I want to hear more of it. Take care of yourself.
God Bless You.
Posted by Darcey K on June 03, 2009
I just read somewhere where some idiot said people wouldn't pay to hear Susan in person. They are nuts! If she comes here to Charlotte, NC I will definitely pay to hear her sing in person! Shame on whoever said that!
Posted by Goddidthat on June 19, 2009
I hope you are doing well Susan. I love you, and God loves you. Keep on moving forward. God has your back. He will lift you up, wherever you go, whatever you do look to Him.
I am looking forward to you recording a full length CD soon so I can have your angelic voice among my collection.
"When you are frightened, don't sit still, keep on doing something. The act of doing will give you back your courage." Grace Ogot