Susan in Minneapolis, Little Sisters of the Poor - 5/5/16
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About the Image: "Little Sisters of the Poor has a Resident who is a Priest; this Resident adores Susan Boyle; thatâ??s right, the international superstar second runner up on â??Britainâ??s Got Talentâ?%9D â?? Susan Boyle...Recently, the Residentâ??s family purchased the Resident tickets to a charity event happening in Minnesota so he could actually go and watch Susan Boyle sing live! Unfortunately, the Residentâ??s health declined and he wasnâ??t going to be able to go see Susan Boyle...

Our Activities Assistant reached out to Susan Boyleâ??s team and through the power of prayer â?? Susan Boyle decided to come and see this Resident...The moment was here, Susan came through the Residentâ??s bedroom door; at that very moment time stood still. That is when it happened; Susan Boyle got down on her knees, bowed her head and prayer, and received a special blessing from the Resident. The room and hallway started to fill with raw emotions; there was not a dry eye on the 2nd floor. Mother Maria Francis had everyone step out of the room so that the Resident and Susan could have a private moment. Through the door, we could hear her singing 'Somewhere over the Rainbow'...

Susan stayed, and visited our Art Show, which featured Art made by our Residents. Everyone was overjoyed when Susan sang â??I Dreamed a Dreamâ?%9D. As she flawlessly sang, her eyes brightened, she was uplifted by the Lord; her eyes remained fixated on the Resident she came to see â?? she even pointed to him during the song. Before she left, Susan gifted the Resident with the music note scarf she was wearing. One of the Sisters gifted Susan with a painting she created of the Minnesota state bird, the loon."

Little Sisters of the Poor website, written by Amber Decheine
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Matt in SF commented on May 27, 2016
Thank you, Susan, for being a powerful witness to God's truth, and for being a faithful member of the Christian family. You are a rare role model, indeed. And as a Catholic, I want to thank you for take the time to visit Father, the Little Sisters, and for posting your photos so that in a very unique way, you are evangelizing to millions of people around the world who view these photos, and this story.