Susan featured in A Room at West End restaurant - 2/26/17
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About the Image: IT'S where you will find the main cast of Trainspotting alongside Billy Connolly enjoying the ambience any day of the week. But the famous characters are joined in merriment all day every day only on the wall of an Edinburgh eatery where artist Chris Rutterford has brought them together.

The mural painter who specialises in crowd scenes completed the Scottish Nostalgia Mural in A Room at the West End restaurant in just over two months.

"However the mural has quickly become a nostalgia piece to innumerable Scottish celebrities and the crowd is now a 50/50 mix of celebs and punters, which should result in visitors looking more closely at the painting in order to identify the well-kent faces amongst the lesser-known crowd."

Scottish singers Susan Boyle and Lulu make an appearance.

At one table A Room in the West End owner Peter Knight enjoys the company of Spiteri, KT Tunstall and Annie Lennox in the mural.

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