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Submitted By: nicola on May 18, 2010
About the Image: Dear All,

This is an art installation in London, dedicated to Susan Boyle. It comprises of bespoke wallpaper generated out of my own painting of her, also exhibited. Please come to visit it at Together Our Space Gallery @ 12 Old St, London, UK: 20 May - 2 July 2010.

For more info contact me:
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nicola commented on June 06, 2010
Thanks everyone! Still trying to raise the awareness - have emailed local Scottish news and Susan's agent. It's on until 2 July.
Selimron commented on May 21, 2010
I, too am across the pond. I like what I see though.
nicola commented on May 19, 2010
Thanks for your encouraging comments ladies...I'­m trying to get Susan along, her agent is based in London! I want her to know it's respectful and that the wallpaper is a comment on how she has come to literally represent the 'fabric of our society' and our relationship with celebrity culture.
sis23 commented on May 18, 2010
This is very cool. Good Luck with your exhibit!!!
bunnyohare1 commented on May 18, 2010
Very interesting and if there wasn't this huge pond between us you bet I'd be there to check out your exhibit! Fran L.