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Submitted By: Patricia's Art on June 10, 2009
About the Image: A look back .This is just after the show ended. Susan hugs Piers.
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camisu11 commented on June 16, 2009
This picture makes me cry, Thanks.
Wild Ol' Dan commented on June 12, 2009
Howdy Pards, This, my friends, are what friends are for. Adios for now. Talk to ya on down the trail. Wild Ol' Dan
delly commented on June 12, 2009
Nice pic. I feel like he has been the one Susan looks to for support and friendship, but I think Simon has shown that he also has a heart. He's a pretty tough character sometimes, but I think Susan melted that cold heart of his.
Allikat commented on June 11, 2009
So Susan and Piers had a bit of 'flirting&#­39; going on--so what? Susan herself inadvertently began it, with something she said in a very early interview, and Piers picked up on it then ran with it. Doesn't mean that she took it altogether seriously, and also doesn't meant that Piers simply 'jumped on her bandwagon'. When the going got tough for Susan during Finals week, and for that matter even back before the Semifinals, Piers was always 'available&­#39; to support her, via phone. Don't believe the judges were permitted much one-on-one contact before the show ended, but Piers did write a bunch of nice things about Susan in his blogs and he did lambast all those negative press remarks against her as well. If 'anything&#­39; else were to transpire between these two (like that 'dinner date' for example, or any sort of friendship at all) here's hoping it'll be kept entirely private and out of the media. Like sassyone, I, too, love that dress Susan wore; surely she got to keep both her BGT dresses?
Janet in Texas commented on June 11, 2009
Why would ANYONE say negative things about Piers??? Lets start from the beginning...&qu­ot;the biggest YES I've ever given anybody" in the auditions, going on MANY interviews and writing articles after the semis AND the finals in total support of her. Who wrote scathing articles about how bad the press was treating her.(He used to be a tabloid editor for heavens sake).Who told the press in very strong words to BACK OFF over and over again. How many interviews after her hospitilization did he give???? LOTS and in everyone of them he was extra sensitive and tried to explain her very difficult position, I watched 5 or 6 of these and KNOW that he did not have to do it. He did it because he knew she was treated horribly and her always defended her. He has always been a great advocate for her. Read the article about her he wrote on his WEB is fabulous ..he did NOT have to write is long and very good. (www.officialpi­ Take the time to read it and you will change your mind about Piers. He and Simon both called her several times when she was in the Priory and assured her that thsy would do what ever they could to be sure she got the recording deal she always dreamed of. Piers doesn't have a record company that will make money off her, Simon does. Who do you think is paying for her treatment, travel, apartment, clothes etc. They have NEVER treated any winner or runner-up like this. I am convinced that the are trying to do the best they can by her. He said over and over that NO ONE could have predicted the response to her audition tape and they were on as much of a roller coiaster ride as she was....he constantly said he has never seen anything like this in all his career...So..La­y off Simon and especially Piers. HE has done nothing but support her and defend her from the very beginning. That kind of talk makes you just as bad as the tabloid journalists who were making up stories and sensationalizin­g everything to sell their papers...
musictchr commented on June 11, 2009
Well, I don't agree with those of you who are down on Piers. I think he was a source of support and encouragement for Susan throughout BGT. She really needed that with all the pressures she was dealing with. Yes, they flirted with each other (no, it was not one-sided) and this may have complicated things a little. But in the end, I think he was the rock and the support that she needed. Hopefully, he will continue to be a source of support for Susan, if and when she needs it. Although Susan did not receive the kind of protection she should have had during that last week of BGT, I do think that Piers and Simon truly do care about her and that they will do the right thing from this point on. Read Piers' reflective article on Susan's entire BGT experience on his web site: http://www.offi­cialpiersmorgan.­com/2009/06/08/1­513/
Courtney commented on June 11, 2009
Piers hopped on the Susan Boyle bandwagon after she hit the big time. Nice of him to show support but most times when talking about Susan on American television, he told people to watch him host "America&#­39;s Got Talent
indiacui commented on June 11, 2009
agree with sassyone
leonina -Australia commented on June 11, 2009
Susan must be greatful for his support and the way he believed in her.Please do not start with comments like this.To say that he is interested because of the money Susan will make is to put her down.She is going to find somebody and we will listen to comments like that soon enough.I think that Pier helped her .
Lonnirose commented on June 11, 2009
Oooh, Piersy baby! Hey you know, she likes him so maybe this is another dream come true. Getting to hug the man of your dreams - ain't all bad.
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