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Some of the biggest names in sport, music and broadcasting perform the unofficial anthem of the 2...
Posted 2015-01-12
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NorCalKay wrote: Grammy-nominated singer Susan Boyle is back in the U.S. for an exciting trip to ...
Posted 2014-11-18
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BBC Children in Need wrote: Susan Boyle performs 'Wish You Were Here'...
Posted 2014-11-14
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NorCalKay wrote: Matt and Laurie Crouch host Susan Boyle from Costa Mesa, CA on the Praise the Lo...
Posted 2014-10-22
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SUSAN BOYLE, the Scottish singing sensation who rose to international fame as a contestant on Bri...
Posted 2014-10-18
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Press Association wrote: Susan Boyle tells Nicholas McAvaney of film biopic plan Subscribe to the...
Posted 2014-10-18
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He Reigns wrote: Susan sings the traditional "Auld Lang Syne" on FOX News New Year's Eve show Tim...
Posted 2014-10-17
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The description of the documentary from Firecracker Films website: â??Susan Boyle is one of the m...
Posted 2014-10-17
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TheSBFII wrote: Susan performs 'O Come All Ye Faithful' from her fifth album 'Home For Christmas'...
Posted 2014-10-17
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