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Susan Boyle singing Gounod's Ave Maria. Accompanied by Mariella Spiteri Cefai at Kercem, Gozo - M...
Posted 2015-01-29
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He Reigns wrote: Susan sings You Raise Me Up on QVC UK Promoting her new album HOPE
Posted 2014-11-22
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NorCalKay wrote: Grammy-nominated singer Susan Boyle is back in the U.S. for an exciting trip to ...
Posted 2014-11-18
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BBC Children in Need wrote: Susan Boyle performs 'Wish You Were Here'...
Posted 2014-11-14
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NorCalKay wrote: In 2010, with Susan's captivating voice she was given an opportunity to sing the...
Posted 2014-10-22
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He Reigns wrote: See "The Christmas Candle" Starring Samantha Barks, Hans Matheson, Lesley Manvil...
Posted 2014-10-19
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He Reigns wrote: Susan stopped by the studio to perform I'll Be Home For Christmas & an interview...
Posted 2014-10-17
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NorCalKay wrote: Susan sings her 2nd song while in NYC to promote her beautiful 5th CD "Home For ...
Posted 2014-10-17
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NorCalKay wrote: Susan joined Matt Lauer again on the Today Show to sing her newest song from her...
Posted 2014-10-17
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